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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Stories Live Here

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


Add3’s “Stories Live Here” campaign drove qualified viewers to connected TV ads featuring vibrant seniors recounting anecdotes from their lives. The objective was to measurably raise awareness and consideration in the typically non-actionable CTV environment. Our client, Aegis Living, is a senior assisted living organization with locations in California, Nevada, and Washington State; the client also produced the videos. The campaign sought to reach women age 45 or older who are:

Strategy and Execution

What we learned. We validated our assumption that in picking assisted living facilities, females were the primary decision-makers for themselves or for loved ones. 


What we faced. “Assisted living” is overwhelmingly viewed as one step above “nursing home” in the collective consciousness of the target and nontarget public. The industry has largely contributed to its own perceived commoditization through its relentless emphasis on facilities and continuums of care. 


Aegis Living presented a fresh approach to its value proposition with 15- and 30-second versions of its ads in which residents discussed various aspects of the interesting, full lives they have lived in engaging and evocative ways. Viewers could clearly see that Aegis Living attracted interesting, zestful people with colorful backgrounds. Our challenge was to amplify the cleverness of the videos by surrounding the demo with those messages using CTV targeting, creating a clear competitive advantage for the client.


What we did. The Add3 team sought to understand where these audiences congregated in the television landscape, what content they consumed and how much, and how our advertising could and would stand out in those spaces. We also looked at what the client’s competitors were doing. 

We used a proprietary mix of household-level and demographic targeting as well as user behavior to serve the Aegis Living videos with an extraordinarily high level of precision and scale. Our approach also allowed us to engage the audience across all of their content-consumption devices, from big-screen TVs to smartphones. Even though the environment was non-actionable, the ads were unskippable, ensuring certainty of execution for the client.

The ads were accompanied by a lift study run by Google. The study quizzed audience members who had seen the videos and those who had not on whether they had heard of Aegis Living and three of its competitors.

Response rates among those who had seen the ads would measure the success of the campaign.


The campaign generated a more than 4 percentage point lift in response rate among the target audience. General awareness rose from a baseline of 10% to more than 14%.


Among the primary demographics, the response rate was even better: the top decile of household income showed a 10% absolute lift, while the 65 and older group showed a 5% rise. Direct and organic traffic rose by 15%, and the client also saw significant improvements in the conversions from these channels. For Aegis Living’s primary goal of move-ins, we saw a 22% increase per month in Q4 from an average of 15% in the previous three quarters. 


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Add3, Aegis Living


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