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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Adobe Express Launch

Finalist in Launch Campaign


Adobe Express tasked us with a monumental challenge – to ignite a viral launch campaign on TikTok that would captivate small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Transforming the perception of Adobe as a tool solely for professional designers, we aimed to demonstrate that Adobe Express was specifically designed for non-designers and very easy to use.


Strategy and Execution

With a bold insight, "Running a small business is tough, but designing assets doesn't have to be," we launched the triumphant campaign, "Tough Stuff, Easy Stuff."

We partnered with the legendary sound designer, Rocky Paterra, to craft a viral song that would rally small business owners around easily designing beautiful assets for their business with Adobe Express. 

The campaign showcased business owners doing all the tough tasks contrasted with the ease of designing with Adobe Express from the comfort of their own home, hot tub, and even the beach.

With Rocky Paterra leading the charge, we launched the sound and seeded it with 24 influential small business owners, spanning a diverse range of industries. The response was nothing short of monumental.


The campaign amassed a staggering 12 billion views and an 8% engagement rate, a 14% increase from the benchmark. The click-through rate was a staggering 1.75%, a 483% increase from the benchmark. This was a victory of epic proportions and a testament to the power of Adobe Express and the strength of our launch campaign.


Video for Adobe Express Launch

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kvell collective, Adobe


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