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Emmentaler AOP x Gipsy Chef Campaign

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Switzerland Cheese Marketing is a non-profit organization that promotes the different varieties of Swiss Cheese around the world. As its trusted partner in the competitive Iberian market, Ulled is in charge of creating memorable campaigns and events to win over consumers and reinforce Switzerland cheese profile as premium in taste, quality and authenticity.

Always looking to attract new consumers, Switzerland Cheese Marketing challenged Ulled to create a campaign to promote Emmentaler AOP, one of the most iconic – and copied – of its portfolio of cheeses. The main objectives of the campaign were:

The main target of the campaign are individuals aged 35-64 who live in large cities, are looking for healthy products and are willing to pay a higher price for good quality. The secondary target are the digital natives aged 25-34. Social, critical and always in the know, they have food as one of their main interests, and value sustainability, origin and fair pricing.

Strategy and Execution

In order to achieve maximum impact among the targets of this campaign, Switzerland Cheese Marketing partnered with food influencer, restaurateur and media personality Pablo Albuerne, also known as the Gipsy Chef. With 326K Instagram followers and 119K YouTube followers, Gipsy Chef was a perfect fit for the campaign - a charming, playful and approachable advocate of healthy yet fuss-free eating, known for his catchphrase ‘GREAT!!!’ (BESTIAL!!! In Spanish).

Implemented from 15 October to 30 November 2022 in the regions of Madrid, Catalonia and the cities of Valencia and Marbella, ‘Emmentaler AOP X Gipsy Chef’ took the form of an online + offline campaign:

Aiming to communicate that Emmentaler AOP (with the ending -er) is quintessentially Swiss, ‘Emmentaler AOP X Gipsy Chef’ took to playing with the Sherlock Holmes signature phrase "Elementary, my dear Watson" (in Spanish known as “Elemental, querido Watson”). Thus was born a new version: the phonetically very similar “El Emmentaler, querido Gipsy".

Taking the 30’’ video ad, the centrepiece of the campaign, the idea was to establish a dialogue at a market between Gipsy Chef and a specialist in charcuterie, in which the latter confirms to the chef that Emmentaler AOP is the original Swiss cheese with holes. Obviously! Gipsy agrees, finalising the ad with his “it’s GREAT!!!" catchphrase. A motto then declined for the display ads and the bus vinyl, all of which say “the Swiss original is Emmentaler and it is GREAT!!!” (in Spanish, “el original suizo es el Emmentaler y es BESTIAL!!!”).


Receiving excellent feedback from the client, the campaign succeeded in generating awareness about Emmentaler AOP and its distinctive features among the target audience. Some key results:

Social media campaign

Display campaign


Video for Emmentaler AOP x Gipsy Chef Campaign

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Ulled Asociados, Switzerland Cheese Marketing


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