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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

A Lenovo TrackPoint Halloween (2022)

Finalist in Short Form Video

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Lenovo’s Global Social Media COE manages the majority of our content creation in-house. This includes social media content to support Lenovo’s always-on social media calendar, global events, product launches, corporate communications, and the development of various content series.

Since our team sits in Lenovo’s Corporate Marketing Group, we also create corporate branded creative for various moments throughout the year – one of them being Halloween.

After the success of our 2021 Corporate Halloween animation (and our Shorty Award!), we knew we had to step it up! This year, we wanted to add a level of humor and planned for this creative to be shared internally company-wide and externally on social media.

Strategy and Execution

With the objective of creating a brand-level piece of Halloween content, the team went to work to ideate and fully animate the video in-house.

Since Lenovo is most recognized for the ThinkPad (and the little red dot in the middle of the keyboard known as the TrackPoint), we thought Halloween would be the perfect opportunity to bring the TrackPoint to life and personify it.

For this year’s animation, we decided to have multiple TrackPoints come together to brainstorm Halloween costume ideas for their upcoming party by searching “Boogle” online. Each TrackPoint then dressed up in a different outfit – a mummy, a witch, and a devil. The 4th TrackPoint showed up to the party without a costume on with the intention to spook the others with a box. Once all 4 of the TrackPoints were together, the box opened, and bats began flying out. The 4th TrackPoint that brought the box laughed at the successful prank as the other 3 TrackPoints jumped and ran away from the bats. The animation ends with the 4th TrackPoint standing beside the box that says, “Happy Halloween”.


The response both internally and externally was fantastic! We saw an engagement rate on Twitter of 12% -- well above our benchmarks.

With successful metrics and positive comments, we were able to make an educated decision to build on this content series, and double down on more 3D animated content.


Video for A Lenovo TrackPoint Halloween (2022)

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