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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Youtube Creator Spotlight Brazil

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Create a documentary series in six 10' episodes to showcase six black creators from Youtube. Six inspiring success stories. Six unique voices finding their place in the world. Millions of connections and views all over the country. What happens behind the scenes of six of the biggest channels on YouTube Brasil.  Sports, dancing, comedy, pop culture, information and  music. YouTube Creator Spotlight presents six of the biggest creators in the country, their roots, daily challenges, inspirations… and especially their endless talent to create and connect with their audience. 

Strategy and Execution

Within each one of the six 10-minute episodes, we dived into the mind and creative process of one of YouTube Brazil’s top creators. This candid portrait allowed us not only to go beyond their in-camera personas and their relationship with their fan base and critics, but also to ask them the questions that hover above every young black person in Brazil today. What does it mean to be black in Brazil in 2021? What does it mean to be black in a world amidst social and political unrest? The raw images captured on the streets and the tender images captured within our characters’ personal spaces blended with the artistic sensibilities of Afrofuturism and other traditionally black art forms, to create an earnest portrait not only of the creators in front of the camera, but of their fears, hopes and dreams in an ever-changing, eternally chaotic digital landscape

Beyond the intimate perspective of the creator, each episode also took time to shine a light on their impact in the larger media landscape of a country as diverse and complex as Brazil. Our Creators hail from different corners of the country and from a myriad of backgrounds, each of them playing different roles in their respective communities — or choosing to isolate themselves from the world around them.


This project was part of the Black Voices Fund and the release helped shine a light on this initiative from Youtube. We also were able to create 6 unique documentaries, each one with a unique style and voice without losing an artistic unity that crossed over all episodes. The episodes were released on each creator's Youtube Channel and it was a chance to communicate directly and individually with the audiences. The majority of the crew behind the cameras were also black so the project also fulfilled the objective of giving opportunities to new emerging talents such as photographers, screenwriters, directors, art directors among others.


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LB Entertainment / Youtube