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Hello, You’ve Reached the Quinn-Goldbergs

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The married answering machine message is an essential part of any happy home in suburbia, and Joe and Love can’t miss a thing if they’re going to be “normal” neighbors. To tee up the trailer, we secured a phone line, with a Silicon Valley-based number, for our fans to call, hear a message from the Quinn-Goldbergs and a snippet of the trailer. 

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The family voicemail serves as a reflection of your home to the community when you’re not available. For image control, Joe and Love needed all the help they could get. We wrote a custom script for the two actors and asked them to record. Once we received their audio, we cut together 3 distinct voicemails for fans.

Upon calling, one would hear an answering machine message from Joe and Love. The message included the trailer launch date, letting our fans know to mark their calendars for something special. At the end of the message, the caller heard a short voicemail tone followed by an audio snippet of the trailer. Every couple of days leading up to the trailer drop day, we updated the answering machine message with a new trailer audio snippet. 

In order to bring our message to the masses, and quite literally have them “call” to action, we rolled out intentional promotion posts that we knew would appeal to our fans. With cryptic tweets, talent-focused memes, and an a/v supercut of past season faves, we got fans dialing in quicker than Joe could find you on socials.


Ring, ring, ring– pretty sure that’s a huge win on the line!

Our fans loved the voicemail so much, they were ready to forsake all texting in the name of Love and Joe. In addition to noting the nod to the trailer date, [x][x][x], they shared guesses about what the area code could mean [x][x]. They called the activation a “masterpiece” [x][x][x] and commented that they appreciated us pulling all the stops for season 3 [x][x]. Furthermore, the love within the YOU social community proved stronger than any intimate connection Joe’s ever had, as they pulled audio and transcribed the vid for fans unable to call right away [x][x]. In total, Joe and Love’s number was called over 7K times


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Ralph Creative, Netflix


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