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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Endo Brings the Bottom to the Top with the Really Cellulite Condition Awareness Campaign

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Endo Aesthetics, an Endo International business, launched an unbranded campaign in 2021 designed to eliminate the shame and misinformation relating to cellulite. Really Cellulite was inspired by the inner monologue many women have with their derriere dimples, including offering a frustrated, “really, cellulite?” The campaign explains the proven scientific and structural causes of cellulite in an amusing and accessible way to educate on the “why” and “what” of cellulite.

The campaign’s ultimate objective was to provide foundational cellulite education and ready the market to recognize the need for a new cellulite treatment option. That meant:

To achieve these goals, Endo Aesthetics would need to not only reach women, but also connect with them in an authentic way. Campaign messages (and messengers) would need to be clear, friendly and empowering.

Armed with insights from Endo’s Cellulite Harris Poll survey, conducted in 2020, the team was able to speak to the source of women’s frustrations around cellulite and provide a trusted source of information through the Really Cellulite campaign.

The assets were designed to visually break through beauty and aesthetics marketing to capture women’s attention, inviting women in and inspiring a fresh, relatable narrative around cellulite.

Strategy and Execution

The execution included several tactics that worked together to tell a cohesive story and spark conversation:

Together, these four pieces allowed Really Cellulite to address the perceptions, myths and science around cellulite—so women felt engages in a real conversation and could get the real deal.


To prime media for the campaign, the team conducted deskside meetings with key editors, a leading physician and Endo Aesthetics representatives. These meetings prompted meaningful dialogue about cellulite and addressed commonly held misconceptions, leading to factual cellulite coverage in beauty publications.

The multimedia news release at launch helped to further establish a conversation around cellulite and created instant buzz with compelling videos and imagery. As a value-add element for the MNR, Really Cellulite was also featured on a prominent digital billboard in Times Square.

Influencer Program:

Understanding the importance of authenticity, the team worked with four Instagram micro-influencers (10k–25k followers) who shared the Really Cellulite campaign with their loyal, engaged followers.

They built sustained awareness about cellulite, its causes and misconceptions about treatment. Throughout the year, the influencer partners posted timely and relevant content, delivering the Really Cellulite message in their own voices and highlighting the areas of the campaign that they found the most captivating, as well as sharing their own experiences with cellulite and body image.

All partner content included a tag to the @reallycellulite Instagram account and drove consumers to for more information.

Website & Social:

With a colorful and friendly design, and @reallycellulite accounts on Facebook and Instagram tied the campaign together and acted as immersive content hubs. Built with the target audience in mind, the content was approachable yet factual and leaned on the science of the condition—eliminating all judgement women may be accustomed to feeling when it comes to their cellulite.

Visitors to the site and social channels could delve deeper into the cellulite conversation through engaging videos, interactive content and compelling information, such as how it forms and who gets it (90% of women!).

A “Style Quiz” on the website prompted users to share preferences around aesthetic and cellulite treatments and sign up for more information. The quiz helped segment the audience and create a CRM stream for Endo Aesthetics to convert into brand followers.


All four campaign tactics delivered robust results, demonstrating effective reach and high engagement.

The multimedia release was picked up by 143 outlets, generating a whopping 167MM impressions alone. Outlets included AP News, Yahoo and Marketwatch.

The team coordinated 15 deskside meetings with top-tier long- and short-lead editors, representing over 25 media outlets, including Allure, ELLE, Real Simple, Coveteur and Essence. These meetings generated multiple story features for the campaign and helped secure meaningful coverage.

The micro-influencer program finished 2021 with a total 48 in-feed Instagram posts and 96 Stories across all four partner accounts, generating over 177K impressions and 39K engagements. Even more meaningful, the response was overwhelmingly positive, with engagement rates for partner posts skyrocketing well above Instagram industry averages (benchmark≈1%), ranging from 9% up to 23%. This proves that the content resonated with the partners’ audiences in an authentic way that inspired them to interact with the posts.

Across Really Cellulite social channels, the campaign generated powerful results in 2021: 9.9MM+ engagements, 20K+ reactions, 10K+ saves of content, 2K+ shares and 1K+ comments. Approximately 25% of all Instagram viewers clicked through to, contributing to its 600K+ total unique visitors. Of the visitors, many watched the campaign video—which had its own completion rate of 87%! These results were supported through paid social and digital tactics.

Overall campaign response showed proof of strategy—confirming a strong interest in cellulite treatments, raising awareness of the condition and debunking cellulite misconceptions.


Video for Endo Brings the Bottom to the Top with the Really Cellulite Condition Awareness Campaign

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EvolveMKD, Endo Aesthetics of Endo International plc


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