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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Wildlife Watch

Finalist in Mobile Campaign

Silver Honor in Technology



There’s increasing competition in the world of smartphones, with new brands and handsets with similar specs. 

Samsung believe in using their ‘tech for good’.  


Earn peoples' love and attention, while highlighting what makes Samsung phones special and pushing its human connection further.  


·       Highlight the phone’s advanced camera technology to deliver the human connection with the audience 

·       Drive earned attention through relevant cultural, engaging, authentic and newsworthy stories that genuinely link Samsung phones and people’s passion points when there’s no new product news   

·       Reach a younger, more consumer-centric, less technical audience, through coverage in news and broader lifestyle media   

·       Drive appeal and brand differentiation amongst a younger (Gen Z) audience  

·       Be multi-market: resonate across as many European countries as possible 

How could we earn people’s hearts and minds, while getting as many people as possible to discover the camera technology inside Samsung Galaxies? 

Strategy and Execution

Strategy: Earned 


To make younger people love Samsung phones beyond tech and price, we decided to break away from just product news and find a purpose-forward creative idea that would live in broader culture and gain their attention and curiosity. The idea had to work across diverse regional countries to engage media and wider audience.    

Strategic Thinking: 

We wanted to start a real conversation that would generate engagement and earn media, far beyond anything achieved focussing on camera features alone. 

We discovered the pandemic had led to increased poaching due to a lack of tourists. We combined this knowledge with our audience’s activist nature, sustainability interest and habit of watching their phones…and came up with ‘Wildlife Watch’.  

Wildlife Watch allowed us to engage younger audiences with something that really matters to them, while innovatively demonstrating the phone’s amazing technical features. 


We built the livestream with Africam and the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit by repurposing Galaxy S20 FE handsets in the Balule Nature Reserve in South Africa, part of the Kruger National Park. The handset’s pro-grade cameras captured live footage, streaming 24/7. While upcycled handsets were redeployed as perimeter fence CCTV cameras. 

Improving the rangers’ surveillance and supporting them in their daily tasks and boosting the reach of Africam’s infrastructure by 50% for the 2-month campaign. 

Anyone could become a virtual ranger on, our campaign hub. also directed viewers there.  

Photos from the watch could be shared on social.  

A 60” film created on shoots in South Africa and Berlin featuring activist, international DJ Peggy Gou, directed young Europeans to take the watch.  

A 20” social edit was shared across 30+ European markets. 

A live Instagram Q&A brought our audience closer to Peggy and a Black Mamba ranger. 




-210,982 social shares (photos and URL) 

-96,699 photos shared on social 

-114,283 shared the site URL 




Video for Wildlife Watch

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Edelman, Samsung


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