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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

How AJ+ Arabi used audience trends to produce a business show

Audience Honor in Insights & Trends


Discussions on the global economy among working people are prevalent. However, these discussions have been gaining popularity in younger ages as well, from students and aspiring entrepreneurs to high schoolers. Their conversations often contain words such as “crypto” or “stonks.” When there are noticeable changes in the prices of goods, which are usually increasing, many people criticize the changes on social media, which leads to in-depth conversations and debates and further understanding the reasons behind these changes. 

As the conversations and search about these topics were spiking, we conducted market research and found there was not much accessible content to explain those driving forces and the impact of the happenings on the individual level in Arabic. In fact, there was a lot of misinformation.

Strategy and Execution

As we already have a show that discussed the economy and the personal effect on the individual that macro-economic events cause, we decided to use it as a vehicle to combat this misinformation. Through rigorous research, we identified the topic of global price changes as being the most searched but saturated with misinformation. Based on this, we decided to produce a video about the subject. Our primary goal was to raise awareness of the global economic situation and help the audience think critically about the problem, which will lead to assisting them in finding a solution. We then repeated this process for several other topics.


Our goals were to drive awareness and engagement, and the show has been a groundbreaking success for AJ+ Arabi. In 2021 alone, the show has had more than 30 million views, was watched for more than 3,7 million hours, and has 575 million impressions. In addition, the episode about price fluctuations alone brought 24 thousand new YouTube subscribers.


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