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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Unloop the Loop

Entered in Short Form Video


The idea behind Unloop the Loop was to get people to take the first step in helping friend/family/collegue going through a mental health episode. Mental health help suffers because family and friends are not trained, equipped, confident about helping someone. The goal was to make family members confident that they can help by making them understand what a mental health episode feels like to the person suffering it.

Strategy and Execution

Campaign insight began with the realisation that the mental health phenomenon Negative Thought Loop feels like being stuck inside a looping video ( OR a gif). Negative Loops are known to make people 4 times more likely to get depression. We identified the three most popular triggers that cause negative thought loops and have a direct impact on the social interactions of the sufferer - romance, friendship, career. Looping visuals were speciallly designed for each, each showing a person looping (stuck) in mental distresss situations. Viisuals were designed with meticulous research and analysis to pinpoint the most effective situations that convey the turmoil of ' feeling stuck '. Each clip was only 15 seconds long so most viewers get the entire message quickly. Most importantly, the videos were interactive. On pausing at the right time, viewers saw a message explaining negative thought loops and what they can do about them. Each video redirected to a downloadable kit that helps people talk to friends and family members about mental health.


100% completion rate on videos
Results on webpage:
PDF manual downloads - 
4596 - English
5783 - Hindi

Responses on survey - 8210

gif usage - 7300

Page traffic
User- 10,756
Page views- 11,802
Avg duration - 14 secs

~50 hours of mental health conversation on real world ( post campaign survey result )




Video for Unloop the Loop

Entrant Company / Organization Name

WATConsult, Bajaj General Insurance


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