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Timezone Superfun!

Entered in Integrated Campaign


Why settle for fun when you can have super fun?

That's the spirit from Timezone Brand. Timezone is an offline business where people create their moments and share laughter. But then, the venue has been closed for 1,5 years. Its primary competitor is a brands such as FunWorld, and Amazone. But for the last 1,5 years, Pandemic pretty much has become their main problem.

Timezone pretty much has a simple objective for the campaign: Bring back customers to the venue & convince them that it is safe. To compensate for their loss for the last 18 months, they also would like to launch a loyalty program to make customers spend more


Before we even think about making customers spend much more than usual, first thing first, we’ve got to convince them that the venue is safe. That’s why we collaborate with many influencers and news media to create a conversation about safety protocols done in venues

After that, we rode that conversation to do some humble bragging on how Timezone never laid-off any employee during the pandemic and how customers can help the employee even more by coming to Timezone. Then we remind customers about the fun they used to have at Timezone and how they can even escalate that fun even more by saying: “Why settle for fun when you can have super fun?”

Using social media to tease that concept, finally, we launch the video that explains how to have a super fun time at Timezone - by upgrading their regular into a gold card so they can have many special perks that can turn their fun experience into super fun experience. We used all social media, influencers, and venue collaterals. In addition, we cleverly sent a super fun box containing the card to create an ever bigger buzz and hype


- Total impressions from organic, ads and community reach 20,3 Mio in 1 month period
- The video itself is generating 1.5 Mio views in 1 month period
- Generate 3,15 Bio IDR of PR Value
- Generate 1,5 Mio views #TimezoneSeru on Tiktok & 1000+ post on Instagram in 1 month period

While the loyalty program is also seeing an increasing number of people who upgrade their card


Video for Timezone Superfun!

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Elephant House, TEEG


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