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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

The Spruce TikTok

Entered in TikTok Presence


The Spruce is one of the top 10 largest lifestyle properties online, dedicated to offering practical, real-life tips and inspiration to help its nearly 30 million monthly readers and 4 million social media followers create their best home. With a library of over 14,000 evergreen pieces of content, The Spruce offers advice on decorating, gardening, entertaining, home repairs, and more. The Spruce sets itself apart from other home and lifestyle brands by offering the best content and most reliable advice with a clean and respectful ad experience. 

After developing a devoted following on its site and Instagram account, The Spruce expanded to TikTok to continue offering original content and reliable advice in a relevant and innovative way. The Spruce TikTok is dedicated to offering practical, easily-digestible home decor tips and inspiration in short, bite-sized videos. The TikTok account shares original videos based on some of the site's most popular articles and topics and features videos made by some of The Spruce’s most knowledgeable editors and creators who translate content from the website into short videos, focusing on design inspiration, trends, DIY projects, and more. On TikTok, The Spruce aimed to gain traction and generate brand awareness with a younger audience by creating short, attention-grabbing videos that steer followers to the site for further design advice and inspiration. The Spruce is constantly finding innovative ways to create and share new content, and TikTok was the natural next step. 

Strategy and Execution

As one of the top websites in the lifestyle and home decor space, The Spruce team constantly looks for new ways to help their readers find more success in their home and lifestyle pursuits, delivering content on the platforms that resonate the most with consumers. Since the start of the COVID pandemic in March 2020, consumers have been spending more time at home and more time on social media, and The Spruce team strived to meet the moment by expanding their social media offerings. The Spruce’s audience already connected with their Instagram video series “One Thing” and “Design in Reel Time,” and the team decided to grab hold of TikTok as it rapidly grew into the leading social media platform. 

Initially, the team created content based on what worked best on Instagram and Pinterest, but The Spruce social media editors quickly found a learning curve in determining what kind of content their audience wants to see and what they respond to the most on TikTok. They discovered that TikTok viewers preferred different types of content from what was popular on other platforms, namely that they weren’t always interested in videos focused on trends. Instead, viewers seemed to respond more to evergreen content that featured topics they care about and that show the depth of The Spruce team’s knowledge as well as simple DIY projects that viewers can replicate at home. The Spruce team has also discovered that TikTok trends rapidly evolve and they strive to keep up with their audience’s demand by creating new and innovative content almost daily. The team uses these insights to inform content and help grow their presence as a leader in the home and lifestyle social media space and trusted source on TikTok.

The editors have also taken some of their most successful series from Instagram and cut it down into shorter videos focusing on topics TikTok users care about, including The Spruce’s popular long-form video series “One Thing”, which focuses on easy DIY home decor projects. Beyond topics from the site, The Spruce’s expert editors also create videos with behind-the-scenes content, including a day in their lives and video shoot prep so that viewers get  a better sense of The Spruce and its team. 

The Spruce TikTok has further established the brand as a trusted authority in the home and lifestyle space as the team continues to create content that resonates with users of all ages and demographics. The Spruce team has successfully utilized the account to create new, relevant content and give its audience the tools they need to create their best home. Now one of the most popular TikTok pages from a home and lifestyle publisher, the account further establishes The Spruce as an industry leader and a trusted source for inspiration that viewers can turn to help create their best home. 


Since launching in November 2020, The Spruce Tiktok has become a go-to source for home inspiration on social media with over 653K followers, 3 million likes, and 5 million monthly views. Finding particular success with their evergreen content as well as videos centered around DIY projects, The Spruce has successfully established itself as one of the top TikTok accounts for home and lifestyle content. The Spruce team has also utilized TikTok to connect with other content creators in the home space, fostering partnerships with influencers, designers, and creators to draw in viewers from their audiences and ultimately increase their follower count and number of likes. The TikTok content has helped The Spruce reach a wider audience and helped draw viewers back to the website, generating additional traffic from a more varied demographic and further establishing the brand  as a leader in the home and lifestyle space. Most importantly, The Spruce TikTok has created a new platform for the brand to further its mission of providing reliable content and advice in order to help readers create their best home.



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