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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Sing 2

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The highly anticipated second edition of the 2016 box office hit, Sing, announced it would make its return to the big-screen with Sing 2 in 2017. The long awaited film was set to give it’s loyal fanbase another star-studded cast and countless songs to sing along to in 2021. 


To expand on the hype, more than four years in the making, we brought fans together on TikTok through an interactive approach that championed what's at the heart of the Sing 2 film and the heart of TikTok as a platform— togetherness. How? By inviting fans into the world of Sing 2 through an array of strategic weekly content series, activating fans on the platform through Sing 2-inspired challenges, showcasing our star-studded cast with unique custom content, and tapping into trending conversations in real time.


Our objective was to:


Strategy and Execution

GLOW, Universal Pictures and Illumination teamed up to bring the highly-anticipated Sing 2 to life on TikTok. We effectively highlighted the show-stopping performances and relatable characters of this film, while staying in tune with the inspirational nature of Sing 2. 


Here’s how we did it:


Our strategic approach for this campaign was to invite TikTok fans into the world of Sing 2, while keeping our content true to the platform. We did this by creating content that followed the look and feel of content native to your average TikTok for you page. Using rounded colorful text boxes and transitions that mirrored the in-app creation elements, we made our content approachable for fans that also fit within TikTok’s ever-changing algorithm. 


We kicked off our campaign by launching the @SingMovie TikTok handle with a talent-led trailer release. We highlighted the film's star-studded cast utilizing straight-to-camera talent CTA clips paired with trailer moments. By leading with talent, we brought legitimacy to our handle and attracted a variety of fanbases to our page based on the wide array of talent showcased. We accompanied this trailer release with an influencer-led challenge, bringing even more eyes to our page at its launch.


Post launch, we focused on re-introducing these characters to our TikTok audience through a character-first approach. Our “How It Started vs. How It’s Going” series took a trending TikTok format, and adjusted it into character recap / teaser pieces, effectively re-introducing these characters to a new audience.


To further the reach of this campaign, we activated our fanbase on the platform through four Sing 2-related challenges. 


Lastly, we grew exponentially within our premiere window, seeing traction amongst users creating Sing 2-inspired organic content. Through teaser countdowns, resonating musical clips and always-on community management, we drove enthusiasm for the film and fostered positive sentiments on the platform, encouraging fans to continue posting.


Due to these practices, we saw the @SingMovie TikTok become a trendsetter, rallying fans via multiple challenges and cultivating an ever-growing fanbase.


We met fans with reactive content from the onset, matching fan energy throughout the campaign on TikTok. Here are our results:



Video for Sing 2

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GLOW, Universal Pictures, Illumination


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