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Special Project

Special Project
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Just when science is needed most, it has come under attack. The pandemic showed the world that when the pharmaceutical research and development that saves lives is misunderstood, it can have dire consequences. #ScienceWorks is a campaign that spotlights dedicated scientists who innovate new treatments and cures in partnership with pharmaceutical companies. The multistate, hyperlocal campaign aims to reach the public, showcasing the role science plays in our lives. We do this by creating custom content to build affinity around real scientists working on real cures and educational content illustrating the wonder and power of scientific discoveries and principles. We use targeted social media and Facebook livestreams as part of a collaborative effort with local leaders and nonprofit partners to help to amplify the message that science works. Science is not a debate, and when we trust in science, we all win.

Strategy and Execution

#ScienceWorks is a 360-degree marketing campaign highlighting the passionate people of the biopharmaceutical research field. The campaign aims to increase understanding of the vital role they play by bringing scientists out of the lab and into the spotlight with a series of biographical videos.

The campaign currently features five scientists from around the country. They represent all walks of life and are the faces of pharmaceutical research. Each person tells their story about their relationship with science—from personal losses due to cancer, to the people and lessons that sparked their journey into a STEM career, to their hobbies and lives outside the lab.

It’s not all lab coats and test tubes—at the end of the day, #ScienceWorks scientists are everyday people just like you and me. They enjoy cooking, running, sci-fi, mountain biking, and volunteering in their communities. Our social media engagement results proved that people love to see these scientists’ colorful lives.

The passion exhibited by our scientists spoke loud and clear, attracting four U.S. Senators in three of our states to contribute to the campaign. Senators added new emphasis on the importance of STEM education, connecting the dots between early schooling and innovative careers in science.

We paired high-quality, original storytelling content with “Back to Basics” educational posts, creating a weekly cadence of both narrative and evergreen content. From animated infographics about the seven steps of the scientific method to scientist interviews about creativity, rigor, and ethics, we showcased the expansive nature of science and how it works for us every day.

We intentionally created content about landmine topics on social media, including COVID-19 and vaccines, to successfully attract “defenders of science” to the comment section.

We asked scientists challenging questions in Q&A livestreams to get their unfiltered, honest views and unveil the complexities of their field.

We appealed to those in the life sciences field as well as everyday people and patient survivors, providing a space for people to share personal anecdotes in the comments of how science has impacted their lives.

We also created a #ScienceWorks Ambassadors program, onboarding other pharmaceutical scientists who want to amplify the campaign across social media and add their voices by participating in our livestream events and various content pieces.


We set out to reach constituents and leaders in our states (Washington, Colorado, New Jersey, Delaware) by sharing the stories of scientists who live and work there. These powerful stories caught the attention of U.S. Senators Patty Murray, John Hickenlooper, Cory Booker, and Tom Carper. Other local leaders participated as well, including Washington State Senator T’wina Nobles, Mayor Janice Kovach of Clinton, New Jersey, and Colorado Speaker of the House Alec Garnett. Together, with various We Work For Health coalition partners, we virtually introduced our scientists to millions across the states, spreading the message that when we trust in science, we all win.

Since launching in October 2020, the #ScienceWorks campaign has hit impressive milestones:


This content attracted “defenders of science” from all walks of life:


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WONDROS, We Work For Health


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