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The Rural Dictionary with Eric Stonestreet

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Pig farming has always been associated with dirt and mud. But today’s pig farmers are obsessed with keeping their barns clean and their animals healthy. They are committed to taking care of their animals, the environment, and the communities where they live and work. We set out to dispel myths about modern pig farming and build trust in the production process among consumers. We decided to remove the negative association with the word “pig” in the modern vernacular and introduce a series of pig-related terms with new meanings. Presenting, the Rural Dictionary: Your source to redefine “pigsty”, “capitalist pig”, “when pigs fly”, and what it means to “pig out” and go “hog wild”. By using a lighthearted approach, a credible spokesperson and footage from a real pig farm, we hoped to connect with consumers so that they would feel just as good about how the animals are raised as they feel about the nutritious protein on their plate.

Strategy and Execution

There are many idioms and phrases associated with pigs that have a negative connotation (i.e., pig out, pigsty), which compound some of the reputational issues that today’s pig farming industry faces. We engaged a credible and relevant spokesperson to re-define common pig-related phrases while dispelling myths about modern pig farming in a humorous and approachable way. The Rural Dictionary with Eric Stonestreet came to life in a series of social-first videos tackling five common myths about pig farming. The content and campaign were amplified to pork enthusiasts and pork skeptics and supported by an integrated marketing plan including a robust paid social plan, earned national and trade media, a radio advertising extension during Pork Month (October), and industry engagement with pig farmers and state pork associations. 


Consumer survey work was done before and after campaigns went into market (September - November 2021).  The data showed that 48%-54% indicated they felt more favorably about the pork industry after viewing the content and 34%-36% indicated they would be more likely to buy pork in the future.

Additionally the campaign garnered 16M social impressions, an average engagement rate of 7%, and 245K social engagements.  The client had 155k clicks from their social platforms, over 600M traditional media and raido impressions from 239 placements, along with 16k unique web views.

We feel like we changed the consumer’s perception of the modern pig farm. It’s not just the big red barn they read about in the children’s book. Old McDonald’s farm is, well, old thinking. An outdated, simplistic image of what happens on a pig farm. The survey results above show the shift in consumers’ perception of the pork industry after watching The Rural Dictionary videos.

Sustainability and continuous improvement are at the core of America’s pig farmers’ commitment to deliver the safest, highest-quality pork supply in the world. Pig farmers are people you can trust to bring you safe, fulfilling protein. They create advancements beyond their barn doors that positively impact animals, farms, food, people, communities and the environment.


Video for The Rural Dictionary with Eric Stonestreet

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FleishmanHillard - Kansas City, National Pork Board


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