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“Pour It. Cap it. Bin it.”

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In November 2021, California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) partnered with Ketchum Studios to create digital video content to help launch a new initiative called “Recycle The Jug”—a program aimed at showing consumers in California how easy it is to recycle a milk jug once they’re done with it. The program was brought to life by CMAB, Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), and other partners who care about recycling to keep milk jugs out of our landfills and oceans.

The video components to the campaign encourage Californians to take three simple steps to recycle their gallon milk jugs – “Pour it. Cap it. Bin it.” A new website called “” was launched as a resource for consumers looking to find more information on milk jug recycling. The video content Ketchum Studios has created is still hosted on the site.

Ketchum Studios created a step-by-step fun and entertaining visual to go with how to “Pour it. Cap it. Bin it.” And to announce a new QR code that would appear on recycled milk jugs in grocery stores across the Golden State.

Strategy and Execution

The challenge for Ketchum Studios was to create a piece of content to an audience of California dairy consumers that debunked both negative stereotypes about recycling milk jugs and to highlight to them how truly easy it is to recycle a milk jug. And how doing so has enormous benefits.

The challenge given to Ketchum Studios from CMAB was that Studios needed to create a succinct, yet entertaining piece of content—incorporating new stats stating that almost half of Californians who consume milk (to the tune of several million people) have found the milk jug difficult to recycle, and to change perspectives and inform that recycling milk jugs is truly easy.

The solution Ketchum Studios had: Build an informative animated story video that included clear messaging and concise character animation, with a simple branded message: “Pour It. Cap It. Bin It” and we thought the best way to do so was to align the “Pour It. Cap It. Bin It” message to make it feel as easy as “One, Two, Three.” We did our research and tested color, character animation and a design look that appeared to the average California dairy consumer that might make the messaging feel serious, yet whimsical—all to keep the viewer’s attention and thought.

Our animation became the benchmark visual for CMAB & MilkPEP’s “Recycle The Jug” campaign, with a goal of encouraging all fans of milk across California to recycle their milk jugs.


Deutsch was our data partner and provided the following results:
The “Pour It, Cap It, Bin It” campaign delivered 32.1k consumer engagements with the campaign website.  
Audience feedback showed 78.5% of awareness and consideration after viewing the campaign.
The campaign drove 99K clicks to, 2.5 times more than what the brand had planned for.


Video for “Pour It. Cap it. Bin it.”

Entrant Company / Organization Name

KETCHUM, California Milk Advisory Board

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