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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

MGM Studios TikTok

Entered in TikTok Presence


The MGM Studios TikTok page was one of the first entertainment studio brands to break into the platform format. We wanted to bring our immense catalog to the platform where users and their creativity were thriving. It wasn’t about marketing new projects, but giving creators access to popular film moments to do what they did best - create! 

Strategy and Execution

As TikTok continued to evolve as a platform, so did it’s features, making it easier for users to get as creative as they wanted. We saw TikTok as the most authentic way to connect with our followers and fans, and we wanted to support their creativity, while also showing off some of our own.

Our brand strategy was to three pronged:

  1. Bring the nostalgia to TikTok by reviving iconic and quotable clips from fan favorite titles such as, Legally Blonde, Rocky, James Bond, Spaceballs, and MANY more

  2. Give creators full access to our content through clips, sounds, duets, etc. 

  3. Show off our own creativity as a brand by incorporating our own IP into TikTok specific trends


By the fall of 2021, we hit our goal of achieving over half a millions followers all through earned media.

We’ve become a content delivery hub for creators with hundreds of videos being made using MGM Studios original audio.

 We have posted over a dozen organic viral videos (at least 1 million+ views) and have been at the center of major trends such as “couch guy”, #BamaTok, and fancams, and more.


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MGM Studios


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