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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Love Brilliantly

Entered in Storytelling, Video Ad


The democratization of love in the jewelry category has made it near impossible to stand out. Everyone is talking about romantic love and it all looks the same. 

But love is a powerful motivator. So how could Jared, a premium jewelry brand leverage the power of love, but in a way that stood out from the sea of sameness—and transcend the category?

Our objective was to rise above the clichés in the category and differenciate Jared by infusing real meaning into jewelry and give the brand a more ownable, authentic voice; from the stories it tells to the look and feel of the brand.

Strategy and Execution

Own the greater meaning of jewelry: Our favorite and most precious pieces of jewelry are more than shiny objects we adorn ourselves with, they are infused with meaning, history, feelings and love. 

There are love stories and then there are “brilliant” love stories. Love Brilliantly, is about the stories behind our favorite pieces of jewelry. Love stories so powerful and so real, you can’t make them up.

So, instead of trying to script them, we went out and found the real thing. Casting in almost all 50 states, interviewing over 500 individuals and couples to find not just any love stories, but the most brilliant love stories. Stories so suprising and heartfelt, they go beyond the generic, romantic love stories we are all too familiar with, the ones that seem to repeat themselves in the plethora of commercials we see on TV and online. Love Brillianlty are emotionally charged love strories that are inextricably connected to our favorite pieces of jewelry. 

Love Brilliantly is a double entendre that has both a rational and emotional meaning:

- Love Brilliantly is a call-to-action to take your love story to the next level, with the most brilliant jewelry.

-Love Brilliantly is a call-to-action encouraging the world to shine a little brighter and love more brilliantly, especially in these unusual times where love seems to have lost its brilliance.


The brand's new distinct voice has dramatically increased Jared's brand awareness and attribution scores twofold, with sentiment scores doubling.

As a result, Jared delivered record Holiday Season sales, double digit gains that they have never seen before. 

The success and impact on retail sales has solidified 'Love Brilliantly' as Jared's new brand position.




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MediaCom Creative Systems, Jared


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