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Logitech International Wellness Week

Entered in Integrated Campaign


Logitech has a mission to make workspaces more comfortable and people-friendly. We design, develop and reinvent tools you work with. Through the Logitech Ergo Lab we use a science-driven approach to design and innovate to make you feel better so you can do better. Our challenge: Position this product offering through a broader lens, widening the aperture to convey how the Ergo Series of mice and keyboards are a key part of a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing, appealing to a wider audience and a larger community seeking ways to add wellness into their lives.  

International Wellness Week, a multi-day series of content, giveaways, live programming, brand partnerships and expert takeovers across social media from March 1-5, 2021, was designed to engage our community on the topic of wellbeing — inclusive of mind, body, and workspace. Our objective was to position Logitech as a leader in the ergonomic and digital wellness space by driving increased engagements, impressions, engagement rate, landing page traffic and giveaway entries and partnering with key influencers and like-minded partners and experts during the campaign period.



Through a week-long celebration of wellness and ergonomics, Logitech empowered followers to understand that when we work better, we feel better and when we feel better, we do better. By leveraging partnerships, influencers, live wellness sessions, and touting Logitech Ergo products, Logitech raised awareness for the importance of wellness in your life and taking time to ensure you feel better at and away from the workspace via TikTok, Instagram Takeovers, Instagram Live sessions, IGTV and LinkedIn blogs. Facebook and Twitter were also used to drive the audience back to Instagram for the week-long programming.

The event was kicked off via social media by presenting followers with a schedule of events they could tune into throughout the week. 

Tuesday was Body Day, kicked off by influencer Remi Ishizuka leading an Instagram Live stretch session on Logitech’s Instagram, inviting followers to take a break from their work days. Julia Collins, CEO of Moonshot Snacks, hosted an Instagram Takeover on Logitech Instagram stories focused on the importance of wellness and finding balance as a female CEO and working mom. Both Remi and Moonshot co hosted giveaways with Logitech featuring Logitech  product bundles, Moonshot snacks and Athleta gift cards. The day finished on TikTok with @Blogilates giving everyone her ergo tips. 

Wednesday focused on the workspace, starting with an Instagram Live discussion with brand partner Zenni glasses, raising awareness of the importance of Bluelight glasses with so much time being spent in front of screens, followed by an Instagram takeover by influencer Dayna Bolden. Bolden encouraged followers to change up their workspaces by showing off her inspirational setup. The day ended with giveaways featuring Logitech ergo bundles and Zenni glasses. 

Thursday focused on the mind, featuring Courtnie Hamel of @CourtandNate hosting an Instagram Live meditation on the Logitech channel with brand partner Aura. Giveaways that day featured Logitech products and memberships to Aura. 

The final day of International Wellness Week featured a grand giveaway of Logitech products and brand partner prizes as well as live programming with articles from our Ergo experts on LinkedIn, driving the community back to the Logitech Ergo landing pages. 

This was the inaugural International Wellness Week for Logitech and is planned once again for 2022.


The Logitech International Wellness Week was a huge success, with tremendous results including: 

Partners asked to work with us again and influencers were excited to hear this would be annualized. It was important to be part of a campaign that focused on wellness, health and overall awareness of how to feel better so we can work and do better.


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Logitech Inc.


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