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Special Project

Special Project
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Lisa Ann Endicott

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The overall client’s goal was to create an original content platform to showcase the core values and heritage of Avondale Group’s 35-year history under their new company name established in August of 2020, and honor the city/region in which the company was founded. The company’s goal is to elevate experiences of its clientele, members and trusted partners in the automotive industry.  Avondale Group, North Texas’ leading retailer of luxury, performance automobiles, has announced the launch of Avondale Originals, a new content platform with an original series called, INTERSECTIONS. The episodic series reveals fascinating insights through engaging and informative conversations from accomplished individuals on what drives them. The series pairs business leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and creative visionaries to discuss their passions with a look at what inspires and motivates them.


INTERSECTIONS brings local North Texas personalities together surrounded by exceptional cars and venues to discuss what is important in their lives through elevated conversations


The series title “INTERSECTIONS” traces back to Avondale Group’s heritage, paying homage to the intersection of Oak Lawn and Avondale, where Avondale Founders created their first dealership. Avondale’s ongoing commitment to its core values of elevating experiences and the importance of personal relationships between its members, owners and community are embodied in these episodes.


The series is directed and produced by Muddy Shutter Media and is edited by Dallas-based Mothership Media. INTERSECTIONS episodes will be released on a monthly basis via Avondale Group’s YouTube channel.

Strategy and Execution

Avondale Group’s marketing team members conducted a thoughtful nationwide search for production companies and consulted key opinion leaders on the selection. The goal was to have something with modern and cinematic qualities. They also engaged a public relations firm to assist with brand positioning, copywriting, booking talent, location scouting and location services. 


This was an opportunity to enlist the help of longtime partners, brand manufacturers and also showcase their venues and services. It was important to make everyone involved have an elevated experience working on the web series. 


The main challenges were time, availability of vehicles and talent and intuitively matching luxury vehicles with talent and complementary locations within tight time constraints of intricate production schedules. Another obstacle was managing North Texas weather and distance to shoot locations. Maintaining safe protocols during the pandemic was also a factor.


For example, on the very first day of shooting Season 1, there was rain unexpectedly in the forecast for the outdoor shoot and the production team worked very hard to establish arrival shots of talent in the vehicles without showing any of the raindrops on the cars outdoors. For the talent, the grooming team had to work from two locations on set to keep talent looking dry and unfazed by the less than favorable conditions. Each episode shoot was approximately 3-5 hours in total. 


Another challenge came with being able to effectively pair two individuals in each episode who would complement each other and be able to have an organic rapport with one another. Several weeks were spent assembling the right talent pairings and matching them to a vehicle and shoot location that would fit their personality, their lifestyle and their profession. The plan was to set up pre-production calls with each talent member together with marketing, public relations and production teams before each shoot to build these relationships and flesh out a storyline and storyboard that would provide an impactful and engaging quality to each episode. Also very important was to learn about each talent’s formative years, milestones and how each specifically gives back to the community. Avondale and their teams procured b-roll of archival photos and video of each person’s accomplishments to edit into each episode to achieve this. 


The sheer magnitude of two of the shoot locations each presented a unique situation. One, a luxury 48,000 special event venue and the other a racetrack in an outlying rural area of the city was chosen for two of the episodes and this required utilizing traditional video and drone footage and setting up remote or outdoor stations for craft services and grooming. While one was a closed set, the other at the racetrack had to be handled carefully as they were open for business to their members who had scheduled track times and the shoot had to be maneuvered so as not to upset existing reservations. 


All episodes were able to be completed including main and behind-the-scenes footage within the set timeframes of half-day to full-day of shooting.


There has been great response to and increased level of awareness for the INTERSECTIONS web series via Avondale Group's social media channels between Sept 1 and Dec 6, 2021:

Avondale YouTube Roll-Up

Digital Roll-Up


Impressions: 1,673,753

Clicks: 5844

Overall CTR: 0.35%

Overall CPC: $1.10


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