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From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Krystal: CraveTV

Finalist in Single Post or Activation


Krystal, in partnership with Dagger (AOR), launched Crave TV for the “high” holy holiday, 4/20. The ask started small: a few social posts to promote Krystal’s limited-time 4/20 offer that would drive brand relevance, cultural synergy, and overall product crave-ability. The Dagger creative team, whose generosity of spirit knows no bounds, used first-hand field research to tap into the psyche of the target consumer and 4/20 celebrant.  “What if we made a whole 4/2o TV station?” we mused. And so, CraveTV was born: a social video, clocking in at four minutes and twenty seconds, made up of smaller, more snackable videos stitched together and made to look as though you’re continuously scrolling through old-fashioned linear TV. CraveTV offers a dynamic range of cultural appeal from absurdist comedy to nostalgia, video games, pop culture, and food. Some videos are visually mesmerizing animations; some are oddball sketches -  all focusing on how crave-able Krystal is on 4/20. Quick “commercials” between the videos talk up the brand’s 4/20 deal: get $4 off any order of $20 or more.

Strategy and Execution

In thinking through culturally relevant moments for Krystal, we started with the use cases: when do consumers crave Krystal? Our late-night skew immediately came to mind. What better timing for a social brand campaign than 4/20, the ultimate day of fast food cravings? And what would really get the attention of our audience, even those consumers enjoying a slightly altered mindset? Voila: CraveTV. Preceded by pulsed teasers, the supercut aired across Krystal’s owned social channels (Instagram TV, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Stories) on Tuesday, April 20th, 2o21. We leaned into different psychedelic themes through animation, design, and sketch comedy and peppered in Krystal’s holiday promotional offer in TV “commercials” throughout the spot.


The supercut received a video view rate of 123.34% and an engagement rate of 96.08%. The teasers, Soap Opera Kiss, Dating App, and Slurp all performed higher than the average in terms of view rate for the campaign.


Video for Krystal: CraveTV

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Dagger, Krystal


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