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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Kevin Garnett's beef with the "snake-like" Wolves owner got even worse without Flip Saunders around

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The video series "Beef History" aims to detail and highlight the comprehensive chronology of feuds that happen between players, coaches or other notable figures in the sports world. In this explainer docu-series we present the evidence that led to the feuds and analyze each participants’ behaviors. The goal is to document the intense rivalry from an objective standpoint and inform the fans about the reasons, timelines and motives behind the beef through extensive research and an animated video presentation. In the case of this episode, we want to detail the turbulent, unpredictable, decades-long relationship between former Minnesota Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett and the owner of the franchise Glen Taylor.

Strategy and Execution

In “Beef History”, our strategy is always to document, inform, and analyze with our unique voices both editorially and visually. We believe our way of storytelling is unique and truly one-of-a-kind as we not only document and present the facts which usually go unnoticed, but also deliver our take on it. We make videos about sports yet the main goal always remains to tell a good, captivating story that can reach well beyond the sports realm. On top of all that, we try our best to deliver the video in a natural, visually pleasing manner through our flowing animations and consistent and subtle art and sound design. In this episode, we start with the early  relationship between Garnett and Taylor. We detailed Garnett’s earlier career and his burst into stardom, and its effect on  the Timberwolves franchise as well as the city of Minneapolis. We also detailed Taylor’s path to ownership of the franchise and how his path later crossed with Garnett’s. We then went into detail about the key components which created and then later intensified the feuds between the two figures; the up-and-down relationship from when Garnett was a player to his retirement and how his intent to purchase the franchise of Timberwolves has impacted his relationship with Taylor. We showcased the video through our unique visual style of editing by transforming and parallaxing photos assets with editorial evidence such as newspapers, magazines and book excerpts to make the animations flow super nicely and seamlessly. We also spoke on the importance of both figures to the franchise as well as the sport of basketball, and the reasons between each side of the story.


This episode has met all of our expectations as we dug extremely deeply into the history between Garnett and Taylor as well as other key figures involved, such as former coach and general manager of the team Flip Saunders. We were able to properly shape the story around the exorbitant amount of assets we have gathered through research and turned it into a 15-minute, dense and informative explainer mini-documentary. The video has reached 700k views and counting, with encouraging engagement rates.  The video has also been well-received by the media peers and cited by multiple outlets as well.


Video for Kevin Garnett's beef with the "snake-like" Wolves owner got even worse without Flip Saunders around

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