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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Hulu x Questions for Cash

Entered in Branded Series


Kids of the internet generation think that they know everything about anything--sports stat lines, obscure TikTok dances, and even random facts about their favorite players. But without the unlimited access to the world’s information in the palm of their hands, how much do they really know?

House of Highlights found out. 

“Questions for Cash” put Gen Z’s favorite creator teams to the test, with a fast-paced quiz all about on-and-off-the-court moments and memes that matter to this audience, centering Hulu as the facilitator to the epic competitive experience.

With their light-hearted trash talk and banter, the Broadcast Boys will lead our contestant pairings, Through The Wire vs. AMP, through a series of rounds with topics and questions ranging from sport-specific to pure internet madness.

Our winners had the chance to secure a cash prize pack, Hulu subscription, and most of all--bragging rights. 

Strategy and Execution

For this campaign, our plan of action was to bring together social media creators endemic to the House of Highlights audience and play a type of trivia game rooted in sports and internet culture. Along with our hosts, the Broadcast Boys, we devised a multi-round format that prioritized a variety of questions and physical challenges along with a team of writers to help ideate for each episode and the specialty of our contestants. This led to some great discussions and debates on how to make the entire campaign diverse in content.  

After structuring the show, we then turned the focus to identifying the right balance of contestants. We wanted to get groups of creators that we thought would make for interesting and fun matchups which led to securing the Through the Wire podcast crew and Youtube sensations AMP. Both groups brought their unique style and expertise to the contest which resulted in high entertainment. 

Fortunately, we were able to work with Turner Studios and film in Studio J–where “Inside the NBA” films–which was impressive to our contestants and the audience. We built our set in a tremendous tight time crunch due to the nearing NBA Tip-Off and the next season of “Inside” returning with hosts Shaq, Ernie, Kenny, and Chuck. 

Our plan was to film all four episodes on the same day in Atlanta. This was by far one of the toughest obstacles we encountered because of the limited availability in the set location and the schedule of our contestants. Ultimately, we were able to bring all the creators in and create four unique episodes from a singular shoot day. 

With Hulu as our presenting partner for the series sponsorship, we created a dedicated round to their programming and brand insights to promote their offering of “sports + live TV,” which featured custom production elements including lighting and questions.

The final stage of the process was editing proved to be the most difficult because of the amount of content we had, but it was also the most fun. All four long-form episodes included a variety of graphics, musical cues, and lighting changes that were unique to different rounds and categories. This put some intense work on the post-production team who worked tirelessly to make sure things were seamless but it was also very rewarding as we were able to take creators from the Youtube space and make a product specifically for that audience. 

Ultimately, all of the pre-production and post-production efforts yielded great results across platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, as the audience was highly engaged throughout each episode.


The overall campaign objective was to leverage internet creator culture to engage our audience and raise brand awareness with the consumer and we were successful. 
During the campaign, the quality of the audience remained steady with an average watch time of 9+ minutes, garnered positive engagement and commentary from fans while watching, and amplified the value of the creators' communities to buy into the content.
Utilizing the social platforms that were most endemic to the Gen Z audience, we saw high engagement from the audience throughout each episode with the sentiment on YouTube remaining very strong and TikTok distribution helping add around 100K views or more per video.

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