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Google Cloud Next

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Google Cloud Next  (October 11-14) is the flagship event of Google Cloud. It’s where the cloud community comes together to stay informed and be inspired so together we can tackle the moment’s greatest business challenges, and start solving for what’s next through the power of the Cloud. 


This event has changed over the years as the company has evolved and grown. Several years ago, the event’s primary focus was increasing awareness of Google Cloud as a brand and a true entrant into the Cloud space. After multiple years of double digit growth by Google Cloud, Next now focuses on showcasing where the industry and customers are going. It features global, digital-first experiences that highlight product announcements, customers, and a combination of live, interactive and on demand content, keynotes, and breakout sessions with customers & partners on a truly global scale.



In 2021, the rules changed - for most of us, the digital space is now the new normal. Next ‘21 featured a truly global & follow-the-sun experience, with localized content, customers, and programming. It brought together the entire cloud community, our partner ecosystem, analysts, and press to share Google’s vision and progress for the future of Cloud. 


We decided to focus on our message, and leave the medium up to our users by designing Next as a fully customizable digital adventure to allow for a more personalized learning journey. Each morning, we kicked off with an exciting keynote followed by the opportunity to engage with featured live experiences and attend on-demand content customized to attendees own availability and interests. These sessions ranged from live, interactive expert Q&As and informative breakout sessions to educational demos and real-life applications of the latest tech from Google Cloud.


In 2021 we unveiled an all new format & experience for Next that featured:

  1. Flexibly scheduled, experiential community moments with live, interactive experiences featuring our top messages hosted by influential advocates.

  2. Multi-format “snacks” of audio, video, text and  interactive content, allowing users to consume key messages based on their level of interest / time commitment.

  3. Personalized programs enabling guests to engage with Cloud executives, and share their POV on the industry.

  4. In-person elements that brought the magic of Google offices front & center, with a Live Leaders Circle day, plus live regional Executive events during Next ‘21.

Integrated experiences - Google is known for its collaborative DNA, this was evident at Next as we custom designed and built our own new web-based platform for creating, managing and running live demos to enable and foster audience participation by supplementing the video stream with interactive features including reactions, chat, and interactive exercises (eg: polls, quizzes, puzzles, etc). These tools provided speakers with real-time feedback–allowing them to connect with the audience directly and adjust their presentation on the fly.



We set a number of audacious goals for Next ‘21 which we significantly exceeded but are unfortunately unable to share publicly. 



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Google Cloud


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