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From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Please Don’t Buy Mixwell

Winner in LGBTQ Community Engagement


Mixwell was founded on the idea that the world is a better place when you mix well—inclusivity is the brand’s core belief. And that applies to all things, whether it’s cocktails, people, or ideas The problem is, some people just don’t mix well. So to make Mixwell known for its inclusive brand values, we asked those people to NOT buy Mixwell – because if you actively make the world a worse and less inclusive place, Mixwell doesn’t want your business. 

We gave voice to some of the beliefs our audience holds dear and opened space for them to join the conversation on social, on the streets, and everywhere in between. This led to a lot of love online and requests to start making Mixwell worldwide.

Strategy and Execution

The strategy behind “Please Don’t Mixwell” was to politely exclude people who are making the world a less inclusive place from buying our product, while also creating a platform for underrepresented voices. With earnest copywriting and playful art direction, the campaign championed those who mix well by calling out those who don’t. We took our message to the streets with wild postings, to the internet with an original song, back to the streets with a giant gay gorilla, and to the social airwaves with film.

It should come as no surprise that a brand named MIXWELL prides itself on bold, inclusive brand beliefs backed up by unshakable progressive values. The “Please Don’t Buy Mixwell” campaign was inclusive at its very heart, which was infused into the campaign from start to finish with a diverse and enthusiastic team both behind and in front of the scenes. Women, men, gay, straight, BIPOC all worked together to craft the campaign, going a step further to partner with the International Gay Rodeo Association and cast a real-life couple as the on-screen lovebirds in “Freedom,” the campaign’s :60s spot.  

In a world where brands are terrified of boycotts for daring to have a worldview, Mixwell did the opposite. Where other ads write lengthy manifestos and anthems about who their product is for, Mixwell did something different and instead called out who it’s not for. Not for creativity’s sake, but for real brand values’ sake. 


Please Don’t Buy Mixwell used a combination of hard-to-miss creative and a media plan that focused on organic engagement to create a space for people to openly discuss their values and share messages of positivity. And it must have worked considering:


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The Many, Mixwell


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