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Foot Locker Flow Original

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Foot Locker set our distinctively celebrate Latinx Heritage Month and give this year’s heritage celebration a deeper and more community-oriented meaning. Our partnership with Foot Locker set out to drive meaningful conversations and reinforce its authentic connection to the Latinx streetwear and sneakerhead culture. Our goal was to position Foot Locker as the definitive retail choice for Latinx culture/sneakerheads.

Strategy and Execution

Cultural Insight:  Latinx creators and artists have been at the forefront of arts and culture worldwide for years, but they rarely get recognition. Latinx creators have been there since the beginning of many urban and creative movements - such as hip hop and streetwear. For years they have been style creators and vibe originators, and it's about time we give them the recognition. 

Our Approach: We crafted and launched a "graduating class" to celebrate creators in the Latinx community who elevate Latinx voices through their work. Flow Original, Clase '21 is Foot Locker's first class of Latine sneakerheads and creators using their unique voice to curate style, stand up for representation and shape the future of fashion.

Working with the award-winning animation studio Blink My Brain, we created a manifesto to explore an aesthetic that captured our creators' diversity and eclectic style. This piece lived on Foot Locker's O&O and gave our Creators the pride to organize Foot Locker's recognition. 

The class consisted of 12 diverse Latinx entrepreneurs who were individually highlighted through social posts and were gifted celebratory chains to honor their contributions. The platform became a community that united Latinx creators under one home. 

Edgar Berlanga, Haylee Ahumada, Nees Calderón, Rachel Gómez, Manny Rodríguez, Redd Carreras, Evelyn Escobar, Daniel Moon, Mel Depaz, Christian Vázquez, Francis Montoya, and Juan Veloz.

Half of the creators are designers and leaders in the business and fashion industry - Vázquez is the founder of the streetwear label Famous Nobodys. Montoya is the founder and creative director of the streetwear brand Perico Limited. Rodríguez is the co-founder of Chicago’s Jugrnaut streetwear boutique. Gómez is the founder of Viva La Bonita, a women's streetwear brand rooted in self-empowerment. Nees Calderón is the founder of The Very Clean, and Carreras is the founder of indie-streetwear label Details Matter. These names in fashion are joined by hairstylist Daniel Moon, makeup artist Haylee Ahumada, visual artist Melisa Depaz, photographer Juan Veloz, boxer Edgar Berlanga, and entrepreneur Evelyn Escobar.



The campaign became a platform for representation where the creators organically and authentically shared the campaign on their social channels. The success of this authentic honoring also resulted in favorable consideration, favorability, shopping intent, and increased visitation and loyalty for the Foot Locker brand. The program was crafted to become a yearly platform and we are already in initial development to bring it to life this year.


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Remezcla, Foot Locker


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