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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Launching the Larger-than-Life Flex Seal MAX

Entered in Consumer Brand, Multi-Platform Presence


Flex Seal has mastered the art of making revolutionary products and marketing them to the world. Phil Swift, Founder, Inventor, Spokesman, and CEO, holds a unique position in American culture as a head of a company who is also a legitimate internet meme sensation, with over 8,000,000 followers across our platforms tracking both Phil and Flex Seal’s every online move.   

The main objective behind the Flex Max campaign was to create buzz and awareness around the new Flex Max line, which includes products people already use and trust, except now they’re available in larger sizes. The idea was to create buzz before, during, and after the launch by leveraging our large online presence and well-known spokesman. In the spot, a giant Phil Swift faces massive damage and demonstrates the superior coverage and sealing power of the new larger-sized Flex Max products.   

The goals were to increase awareness and encourage sales for the latest line from the Flex Seal Family of Products. Other goals included reaching 1 million views for the commercial on YouTube within 14 days of its premiere. The plans for the social media portion of the campaign included getting 10 million impressions.    

Strategy and Execution

The strategy was to go big with every piece of content put out from the very beginning to achieve maximum brand awareness.   

We began posting teaser content weeks leading up to commercial launch, starting with “news reports” of enormous unknown impressions appearing all over the world. These were really imprints of our products, which subtly foreshadowed the new line. Then came Dr. Drake Delany, a “Truth Seeker” determined to solve this mystery unfolding right in front of our eyes. He asked the world for help in finding out the truth once and for all. This sparked immediate interest in Flex Seal’s online community, with many trying to guess what these findings were and what they meant.   

More mystery clues continued to be “leaked” until we eventually revealed the day and time of the commercial premiere. At the same time, influencers all over the United States began receiving packages. The items inside mirrored the digital teaser strategy, which revolved around mysteries, conspiracy theories, and discoveries. The package included several tasks to find clues, ultimately leading them to an invite to the premiere. Many live viewers ended up tuning in.   

Once the colossal secret was revealed, we switched gears to creating educational content and sharing clips of the commercial itself. The focus was to inspire contractors and other DIY’ers to utilize Flex Max for larger repairs and projects.   

The Flex Max campaign ran for seven months, closing out with an epic song and music video, taking advantage of Phil Swift’s notable celebrity status. The new band, Phil Swift and the Sealers, released their first single, “Take It to the Max.” The song promotes the new line of products and the commercial that had aired six months earlier. It was a smash hit!


The Flex Max campaign was a huge success with over 125,000,000 impressions across all supporting content from our social media accounts, influencers, and online community. In just 12 days from the premiere, the Flex Max commercial alone had over 7 million impressions and reached 1 million views, hitting the team’s goal two days earlier than planned.    


Video for Launching the Larger-than-Life Flex Seal MAX

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The Flex Seal Family of Products


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