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Al Jazeera QR

Audience Honor in Integration with Live Television

Entered in Integration with Live Television


Nowadays, we can see QR codes everywhere, and after COVID the whole world rethink the contactless & social distance solution.

Al Jazeera Digital Newsroom invented the solution to best utilize the QR codes to bridge the GAP between TV & Digital Audiences

We established the solution to help Al Jazeera TV offline audience to interact with News & Live coverage & engage with TV shows and programs

Actually, it was part of Audience Centric Approach that we are using in Al Jazeera, with aim to tailoring the content to match geographic & demographic segments

Data is a capital for us! As we don’t have the options to measure the TV viewership and potential advertising opportunities, the solution will provide enough data to build editorial decisions.

Our Goal is to increase social media interactions on TV content & build loyal engaged fans:



“Content is King, but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!” @marismith


QR code are a great way to enrich our TV Audience’ experience while promoting our localized content. Additional features allowed us to work with in-depth statistics on our Audience’ engagement. This, in turn, is a fantastic tool for designing our Engagement strategy.

We focused our efforts to reach 4 main goals:

  1. Link TV content with relevant social media posts & playlists
  2. Read the analytics
  3. Target mobile users
  4. Retarget audience as per insights

To utilize QR codes strategically, we take 4 main considerations:

Context and Content - the QR code should direct the TV Audience to targeted content & call to action.

Instruction/Call to Action - Our TV audience who are watching Al Jazeera & use their mobile while watching will have the full experience, they will learn the experience & will use the QR codes with call to actions     

Mobile Landing Page - it's a safe bet that the person who scans the code will be on a handheld device. Therefore, we want to ensure that we direct users to a mobile-friendly landing page for an optimal user experience.

Tracking & Reporting - Track the number of scans over time, capture geographic data and other information.

Use Cases:


Al Jazeera Digital Newsroom established the solution by Nov 2021, we focused during the implementation to educate our TV producers & Show runner about the necessity to have interaction on the daily plan to be able to drive TV Audience to related social media posts and playlists


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Al Jazeera Digital Newsroom, Al Jazeera Digital


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