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eBay: Shift Gen-Z Misperceptions

Finalist in Micro-Influencer Strategy

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Welcome to this We Are Social New York how-to on changing the image of a brand.

Let’s get started.

We’re talking eBay. You know, the place where you snag all your vintage jeans and find all those rare trading cards you’ll turn into a side hustle business. 

No doubt, eBay is a special brand with a rich history. But due to the changing E-Commerce landscape it’s lost ground with Gen Z buyers and sellers. 

Fun fact about misperceptions: negative perception often comes from consumer opinions about a poor product experience. Luckily, we knew how to bring out the bright side of the internet and share stories that shifted perception.

Here’s the solution: eBay’s Gen-Z Misperceptions Campaign. We created deeper connections and shifted misperceptions through storytelling featuring real eBay buyers and sellers. We showcased users, who are creators in their own right, and illustrated how eBay is trustworthy, easy to use, has a relevant inventory, and is able to fuel passions across every niche.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

So how do you change the minds of the youth, shift misperceptions surrounding eBay and increase positive sentiment among Gen-Z consumers?

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Launch a TikTok, Instagram and Facebook campaign starring real, relatable Gen-Z eBay users telling real, compelling and relevant stories in the US, Canada and Australia.

Step 2

Create a spot-on, memorable creative platform like “Where Everything is Worth A Lot More”, which embodies how eBay is a brand that understands how it’s not about price, but instead about people and their passions. 

Step 3

Partner with the right niche micro and nano influencers. Here are some of our favorites: Alex, a Home Decor and Vintage Enthusiast from NYC, who shared off his incredible collection of kitchenware he’s collected from eBay. Joel, a Coin Collector from Australia, who shared tips on how he finds rare, and special coins from around the world. And Mariah, who shared a vintage haul of her favorite eBay finds for her sustainable fall wardrobe collection.


So did the Gen Z audience buy in? Big time.

We boosted positive sentiment to 81%. That’s 30 points above eBay’s benchmark of 51%. 

We also increased relevancy rate across consumer comments to 73%, a nothing-to-sniff-at 13 points above the 60% benchmark.

Let’s keep with the northern trend and head up to Canada where Instagram views jumped 340% and Facebook went up 30%.

It was a massive global effort. In total, we posted 15 videos on eBay-owned channels (+ 9 re-shares on creator channels) across US, CA and AU. 

eBay is back on the map and in the hearts of passionate buyers & sellers everywhere.


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We Are Social New York, eBay


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