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Defy the Fry

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For over 65 years Genuine Broaster Chicken’s unique combination of quality, flavor and cooking speed has allowed them to stand alone in peacefully helping operators provide a tastier chicken to their customers. In 2019 though, the world as we know it was plunged into chaos when Popeyes ignited the Fried Chicken Wars. By dropping their new fried chicken sandwich on an unsuspecting public, Popeye’s quickly saw a 34% increase in store sales nationwide. The launch was viewed as the act of aggression that forced franchises big and small into an arms (more like wings and thighs) race that quickly escalated into a global food fight for fried chicken supremacy. As the fate of the world stood on the brink of Fried Chicken over-saturation, FoodMix discovered a unique insight in the battle to help Broaster put an end to the Fried Chicken Wars. Through research, FoodMix discovered that Broaster’s uniqueness was actually hurting them in online searches. The term “fried chicken” was searched 15X more that “broasted chicken.” In order to bring peace to the fried chicken universe, Broaster would need to insert themselves into the conversation. Thus, the Defy the Fry campaign was born.

Strategy and Execution

To help drive Genuine Broaster Chicken program growth across restaurants and c-store channels in both the United States and on a global level, the Defy the Fry campaign inserted Genuine Broaster Chicken into the fried chicken conversation and positioned Boaster as a unique alternative to traditional frying methods. By incorporating bold propaganda inspired design and messaging to social media, digital ads, email and print marketing we were able to help Broaster bring attention to their unique “broasted” method of preparing chicken in a provocative, yet fun way. The ultimate strategy behind Defy the Fry was to create an integrated campaign that inspired foodservice operators currently serving standardized fried chicken to embrace the higher quality equipment and programs of Broaster.


Through the Defy the Fry campaign, FoodMix was able to successfully insert Broaster into the fried chicken conversation. The strategy drove high engagement and awareness among Broaster’s target audience of foodservice operators in both digital and social as well as increasing engagement of foodservice consumers in social channels. The timeframe below indicates the significant increase in measurable data from before and after the campaign was initiated:·  


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FoodMix Marketing, Genuine Broaster Chicken


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