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Comedy Central's Tales from the Trip

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Comedy Central gives audiences access to a world of super funny, personally relatable, culturally relevant, and provocative comedy that tells the funny truths of life, every day and everywhere.Tales From the Trip was created in 2019 with the goal of becoming one of YouTube’s most unique short form show offerings: a place where comedians, musicians, and influencers can proudly recall their wildest experiences with psychedelics on camera, and entrust expert animator Grant Lindahl & team to bring it vividly to life in cartoon form. But as the show’s popularity grew on its initial home (Comedy Central Originals), a new goal for the series was created for 2021: for Tales From the Trip to move to the newly launched Animated YouTube channel and serve as one of the channel’s flagship series. 


Strategy and Execution

Tales From the Trip released 24 new episodes throughout the course of 2021, delivering to fans a wide array of guests (from Trevor Wallace, to Pete Holmes, to Tegan & Sara) with an equally varied perspective of psychedelics. The series has generated over 18 million views in 2021 and has helped grow Comedy Central’s new Animated YouTube channel. The series itself also further strengthened its community of passionate viewers with the launch of a new Twitch program for Comedy Central: Tales From the Stream. In it, viewers can chat live every Thursday with Grant Lindahl, the animator behind Tales From the Trip, and watch him animate in real-time with his co-host Lucas and a special guest. For Tales From the Trip, 2021 was a year of not only increased viewership, but of passionate fan-building and notoriety–a year where top-target guests like Steve-O, OHGEESY, and Trevor Wallace gladly worked with the series to share their outlandish stories to a large and excited YouTube audience. 


Tales from the Trip has become the staple series of Comedy Central’s new Animated YouTube channel, generating over 18.4M views and over 68 million minutes watched for the channel in 2021.


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