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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Business Moves

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Business leaders have been under much pressure with digital transformation quickly moved from being a goal on a roadmap to an accelerated do-or-die priority. The radical transformation that is occurring has leaders looking for the right information, inspiration, best practices and solutions. No doubt they are also navigating a myriad of marketing messages and content vying for their attention.  ​

The challenge we were given was to break through the noise to reach decision makers and convey Adobe's thought leadership and product relevance in key industries.  ​

To drive awareness of and consideration for Adobe products, we partnered with world-renowned chef and entrepreneur  José Andrés for a 360 digital campaign that showcased ways his team uses tools like Adobe Acrobat to keep his business moving.  

Strategy and Execution

By working with José, we were able to partner with a Business-to-Consumer focused influencer while producing content through a Business-to-Business lens to target an audience of decision makers across industries. José spoke candidly about how his restaurant, and his team, was affected by the global pandemic and what it felt like for him as a business owner. Integrating José's brand identity into genuine product use cases and sharing a distinct but relatable story resonated strongly with audiences around the world.

As the founder of World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization devoted to providing meals in response to climate and community crises, José was called to Haiti after the 2021 Haiti earthquake in August, and to Louisiana after Hurricane Ida made landfall in September. We worked together with his team to push the initial campaign launch date out so Jose could focus on humanitarian efforts. The pivots we made to accomodate José's long-standing commitments went hand-in-hand with the campaign's messaging that obstacles are to be expected, pivots are necessary, and finding solutions to keep business moving is essential.


Overall, the Business Moves campaign was wildly successful and generated widespread buzz for Adobe across web, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Audiences were excited to download a free, original recipe from José himself, which was powered by Adobe Acrobat; this seamlessly invited new audiences to experience the platform first-hand. The recipe download link drove the most traffic, contributing greatly to José’s successful CTR of 7%, which is well above the industry standard of 1.5%. By strategically syndicating his cut-downs of his content across multiple channels, we surpassed all social KPIs:​


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Golin, Adobe


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