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Special Project

Special Project
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Billboard and Logitech For Creators - Song Breaker Chart

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Logitech had found success with the first-ever Song Breaker Awards, an event in partnership with TikTok to honor creators who are influencing pop music through dance challenges, memes, and trends that they’ve started and shared on social media. But the technology company wanted to extend the recognition of creators year-round to showcase the impact that creators have on the music world through social media. To make this ambition a reality, Billboard and Logitech partnered to create the Song Breaker Chart, a first-of-its-kind custom monthly chart that identifies 20 breakout tracks and uses combined social and streaming data to credit the creators who either originated or amplified the trend.


Our primary goal was to drive awareness and engagement for Logitech For Creators by combining Billboard’s existing chart IP with Logitech’s passion for the creator community. Additionally, Logitech wanted to foster community outreach through social moments and artist-driven programming. By creating the Song Breaker Chart, Billboard and Logitech laid the foundation to not only connect with creators, but empower them to unlock their potential and shape culture.

Strategy and Execution

To drive awareness and engagement for Logitech for Creators, Billboard and Logitech combined research with social and streaming data to produce monthly charts and create social moments. The Billboard Charts team, Logitech and data partner Sharablee came together each month to produce a list of the top twenty creators who created a trend which, in turn, increased the consumption of a song. Billboard worked directly with the creators to feature them on the chart and to create custom content in the form of custom news videos, articles, social moments, and live conversations with artists and creators. This content was distributed on Billboard’s Twitter, instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and on Logitech for Creators’ Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This wide variety of content distribution allowed us to combine organic and paid strategy to reach Logitech’s target consumer.


With every monthly chart refresh, a new social strategy was executed to best accomplish Logitech’s goals. Billboard and Logitech created custom social assets featuring the top creators each month on social media, and tagging them in posts to give them shareable moments to be proud of. This created buzz around the monthly chart update, encouraging fans to see where their favorite creators ranked on the chart and giving them a reason to celebrate the creators’ accomplishments. We crafted custom branded articles that explained who was trending on the chart and contextualized them within trends and challenges going viral on social platforms like TikTok and Reels. Billboard News episodes shared the campaign messaging in video form and, later on, so did live conversations. Billboard and Logitech for Creators went live with artists like Meghan Trainor and Tay Money to discuss their viral trends on TikTok and how social media is impacting the music industry.


The Song Breaker Chart was an impressive feat, but it came with challenges— first, ensuring that research was comprehensive and accurate in crediting creators; then establishing communication with all of the creators; and coordinating social moments like creators resharing Billboard and Logitech’s content or partaking in live conversations. After each month, the teams became more efficient in handling all of these challenges, streamlining processes and reaching an even wider audience with every chart update.


Our team’s goals were to drive awareness and engagement for Logitech for Creators through the custom Song Breaker Chart; and to foster community outreach through social moments and artist-driven programming. The chart has been a groundbreaking achievement for both Billboard and Logitech for Creators, as shown through our performance. Throughout the duration of the partnership (data as-of January 2022), the Song Breaker Chart and related coverage has garnered over 11.5 million impressions; nearly 2 million video views; and surpassed Billboard’s engagement and click-through rate benchmarks by 4x and 1.1x respectively. The social efforts surrounding the chart have also created goodwill with creators and fans— creators who have been featured on the chart have reshared content to their pages, from viral TikTok artists like JVKE to trendsetters like Usim E. Mang. This performance shows that Billboard and Logitech’s shared investment in recognizing creators has been a massive success that has reached a wide community of creators and consumers.


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