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The Economic Spokesman - with AJ+ Arabi

Audience Honor in Instructional Video


Ever wonder how the economy works? Why do certain stocks look untouchable one moment, and before you know it, they are exceeding investor expectations? How will inflation impact me? Most importantly, how can I adapt to an increasingly complex & interconnected economy?
Well, ALMokhbir AlEqtesady + (المُخبر الاقتصادي+) series with AJ+ Arabi answers to these questions and more. Beginning with the economy, AlMokhbir takes the lens of the ordinary millennial. Addressing their concerns head-on explains the dynamics between the driving forces that propel the economy and how they impact the individual.
Created & curated by experienced journalists, ALMokhbir AlEqtesady + engagingly presents content, comprising animations and engaging narratives. What sets ALMokhbir AlEqtesady + apart is that every analysis focuses on a personal angle on our audience. Each video discusses and explains how those economic developments might impact an individual in our target audience. a comprehensive analysis of events & policies. They carefully examine their impact across the economic value chain and particularly highlight those who will be adversely impacted. In short, it is truly a show for the people. 
The manner of presentation is centered around ensuring viewer engagement and financial education. Two videos are produced every week.

Strategy and Execution

Research into the target audience following the pandemic showed a clear spike in the interest in the economy among millennials and Gen Z audiences in the Arab world. Many worried about how they would be impacted by the economic slowdown and what that would mean for their lives long term. This interest wasn’t prevalent before, and we quickly adapted our content strategy and introduced this show. The idea is simple - reveal how the changes in the global markets and national economy is experienced from the point of view of an ordinary person. How does that impact me? What can I do? 
We chose YouTube as the main platform of choice, given that our research has proven that this is where the audience comes to learn. It also lends itself to a “laid-back” viewing experience where longer consumption is common. Given the length of the long videos, we produce. Given the length of the long videos we produce. Twitter and Instagram are primarily used to drive traffic to YouTube, given the length of our videos and long-video consumption patterns on the platforms. Facebook is widely used in the Arab world, but the average watch-time is much shorter. For that reason, we publish both the full episode and links that drive traffic to YouTube. Given that we focus on Engagement, Facebook does generate quite a lot of comments and is the platform where a lot of the conversations happen. We continuously track online conversations, search trends, and the target audience's interest when deciding what episodes to produce. 
An example was when the audience asked us to produce a video about the TMSG company, which we did, and it had an extraordinary impact on Egypt, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Algeria.


The series launched on 15 March 2021 to a staggering succusses and has become our best show regarding views and engagement: 
Combined views of almost 40 million.
Combined likes, shares, and comments: 1,8+ million

YouTube Watch-time hours: 3.7M
Average YouTube View duration: 7:15
Gained YouTube subscribers: 194K


Entrant Company / Organization Name

AJ+ Arabi


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