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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

AJ+ Arabi on Instagram

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We supply our audience with memorable and interesting news. Our reports are unshackled from the demands to generate earnings, and as a result, we have dedicated our work to be completely devoted to our audience. We fulfill what our audience has to hear to impact them in the best way possible.
We follow three parts when producing our content:
Informative: Explaining current affairs in the form of carousels, story series, and shows. 
Momentous: Daily news, current affairs, and trending social issues.
Inspirational: Real situations that empower and inspire others. Human stories that shed light on empowering characters that faced various challenges.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy comprises of describing ongoing events in diverse and entertaining ways. We have a mix of emotions in our videos, which would benefit our audience by illustrating the different perspectives on the Arab world. There might be painful situations that the individuals we report on are experiencing, but we ensure that their struggles to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones are showcased to our audience. The strategy is to show the good and bad of certain events and individuals so that our audience would understand the whole picture.

We strived to spread the message of empowerment of young people (our target audience) and start the conversations about issues normally underreported by mainstream media. Our audience has truly rewarded us for this, but the success hasn't been incidental. By 2021 we started with the new strategy where we identified the overlap between our purpose and the needs of our target audience. That was complemented by a benchmark study enabling us to identify gaps in the market, which, in turn, were checked against our internal production capabilities. 
Some of the highlights of 2021 have been our coverage of the war in Palestine. The coverage of attacks themselves was complemented with human-focused stories, putting names and faces on the suffering victims who are often left faceless beyond, having part of their humanity stripped away.
Another highlight was Al-Jahbath (The Polymath) show, presented by Bisher Najjar, produced by Anas Aldawod and Alreem Al-Maadeed, overseen by Laila Abdou. The show aimed to empower our audience's understanding of long processes and the drivers behind some of today's biggest issues. We produced a native Instagram version, different from the YouTube one. When Reels got introduced to the MENA market, we found a significant usage by adding sketches.
Striving to increase understanding among communities, we published an original, animated, premium series about minorities in the Arab World, often unknown to the rest of the world, produced by Slimane Hadj Brahim and overseen by Mohammed Elshazly. The team led by Momin Bannani did the animation.
Following the pandemic, many people searched for help in dealing with mental health issues. We fulfilled this need with an original series produced in an easily consumed format. It was presented by Sarra Moulehi and overseen by Avan Saman.


Our coverage of Palestine resulted in 54 million views and more than 4M interactions. Benchmarking against 18 competitors using Crowdtangle, this content had the highest median interactions per post for comparable content. As a whole, the account gained more than 400 000 new followers, 241 million views, and 42+ million impressions on our Instagram stories.


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AJ+ Arabi


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