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PNC Bank's Virtual Wallet

Finalist in Video Pre-Roll

Entered in Financial Services


We wanted to create interest in PNC’s Virtual Wallet® by awakening consumers to the reality that there is a better, more advanced checking account that makes managing everyday finances easier—and reinforcing that they don’t have to settle for the way banking “has always been.”

Strategy and Execution

Banking is a low-interest category, and people tend to stick with their checking account for a long time — the U.S. average is a little over 14 years, with 20% staying with their bank for as long as 20 to 50 years (source: Add to that tasks like rerouting automatic payments or updating direct deposits, and the account switching process can feel like a hassle.

What many consumers didn’t know is that Virtual Wallet’s offers are packed with digital tools that can make having an account more than worthwhile — features like Danger Days, to warn you when you may be close to an overdraft; and Money Bar, which helps you easily see what you have free to spend and a clear overall snapshot of your finances. Virtual Wallet is a dynamic, fresh approach to managing your money. Whether you’re just beginning your financial journey and learning to understand how to manage money, or if you already have a system in place and could just use some deeper insight into your spending and saving habits, Virtual Wallet is for everyone.

We needed to show the difference between Virtual Wallet and the perception of other banks’ products by capturing attention in an engaging, relatable way — while also planting the seed that other banks’ checking accounts are outdated — thereby motivating consumers to learn more. So, to create that connection, we leaned into nostalgia — fun, memorable juxtapositions that emphasized differences between how we used to do things against the backdrop of the current world and the technology of Virtual Wallet: flip phones, pagers, giant 80’s hairstyles, VHS tapes, and fruit-filled Jello molds. The message was simple: as we’ve evolved in all other aspects of our lives, from fashion trends to technology, why haven’t we evolved the way we bank? The bottom line: it’s time for a change.

Deutsch and PNC Bank launched the new Virtual Wallet Campaign, “It’s Time for a Change.” The campaign was heavily reliant on digital channels, with media focused on digital (pre-roll, online video and banners) and social media. In addition to digital channels, we also ran TV and radio spots, and leveraged owned CRM channels to further extend reach.

This full-funnel campaign worked to quickly build awareness and consideration, and it delivered on the ultimate goal of efficiently driving new checking households. 

Online video assets included:


Consumers related to the juxtaposition, and the campaign worked and worked hard. We saw increases in numbers across online video and all platforms, from video completes to application complete rates. And they decreased where it counted, like cost per application complete. Here is a snapshot of the results comparing 2019 vs. 2020:

Digital, included pre-roll, OLV and banners delivered solid results:

Additionally, social, which also included the same video assets, had an extremely strong showing:


Video for PNC Bank's Virtual Wallet

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Deutsch NY, PNC Bank

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