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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

French urban food series

Entered in Branded Series


Through our series “hunger” about sub-saharan Africa’s couscouses, about controversial “islamist” kebab sandwich and about the new hit among French youth “French tacos”, we tried to tell stories about the French society and the world through food, street food, urban food. Stories of racism, of stigma, of stereotypes, of hate, of fear, but also stories of love, of gatherings, of tradition, of youth and of hope. We think telling stories through food is so universal and at the same time so unique that we wanted to enter this worldly competition to tell the world what we found out and to share it with them.

Strategy and Execution

This show is unique in France. This is the first time journalists and artists tackles such big issues as islamophobia, anti-Black racism, anti-capitalism through the prism of food. Food and gastronomy are always a world reserved to the elites in France, therefore food shows and food series are also in a way disconnected from the society and its deepest issues and wounds.

So this is what makes our project unique, avant-gardist and revolutionary.


The three first episodes of our series La Dalle (Hunger) have met a great success online among our audience and even widened our audience. When we expected backlash or controversy, we received positive feedback. When we expected rivalry between countries over couscous, we met curiosity, surprise and positivity. When we expected food snobs to criticize street food, we met people’s open minds, hearts and stomachs.

To watch the series in French on our original page and see its huge succes, please click:


Video for French urban food series

Entrant Company / Organization Name

AJ+ français, Al Jazeera Media Network


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