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The Umbrella Academy Online Community

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In season two of The Umbrella Academy, our super siblings traveled back in time to the 1960s…and brought our campaign with them. Our goal was to solidify and strengthen the fandom we created in Season 1 by feeding them content for their faves, taking on a fresh look, and making every single fan feel like a Certified Brelly.


Strategy and Execution

After a huge Season 1 campaign we learned that our superhero show was like no other. Our fandom was broad and global. But our social following in particular was filled with young and quirky enthusiasts who were not only obsessed with our messed up heroes, but felt connected to their messed up-ness. Our strategy in season 2 was less so to try and broaden away from that set of fans, but to speak directly to them and expand the appeal of this strange and delightful show and audience using the power of the voices who followed us in S1. Showing the rest of the world that this show is not about brute strength and bros, but about superheroes with super big hearts and wacky tendencies. (But hey when they used their powers were we both wowed and proud). We shaped our online presence to be stylish, whimsical, relatable, and action-packed. Accessible to all but with a special place in our heart for our weirdos. We leaned into the niche interests of our fandom from emo culture to comic books to kpop to make them feel heard — only leading to more high engagement and enthusiastic sentiment.


And with all that, our big family more than doubled in Season 2. Adding 4.4 Million followers to our home. Our success came in believing that no fan engagement could be average or flippant — every single tweet, story, or grid post had to be extraordinary. Our online presence is just like our show - one big messed up family. We were a cross-platform consistent presence and our fans were always down to clown from TikTok challenges to Sparrow Scavenger Hunts. Also thanks to our cast members we officially named our fandom the Brellies and we couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them.


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Ralph Interactive, Netflix


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