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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

The Design Better Book Series

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As a company, it’s our mission to empower cross-functional enterprise teams to participate in the digital product design and development process. The Design Better book series provides unprecedented access to the insights that power the world’s best design teams and includes the following publications:


Strategy and Execution

InVision, the leading platform for digital product design and development, drives the discussion around the best ways to create and design digital products that people love. Our desire to elevate the practice from a design-only activity into an approachable, collaborative motion is visualized within the cohesive mode and style of the illustrations, which always nod to the universal human experience. 

Our books, available on the web and in print, pdf and audio file, are tools to explain best practices for our thousands of customers and the public writ large. The ten-book set is intended to be viewed as a series; illustrations are complementary and build on the same visual language. However, each book also has visual uniqueness, reinterpreting the points of the chapters in metaphors and scenes—heavy lifting for the content. For example, in the Business Thinking for Designers handbook, we use an Alice in Wonderland-inspired theme for the illustrations. Alice is shown as a designer going on a difficult adventure. The drawings move from a normal, grayscale world to a brilliant universe, where we visualize the greater understanding of her surroundings, how it all connects, and how she thrives within it. This parallels the book topic: A designer who is willing to learn business thinking and language is better equipped for impactful conversations to elevate the role of design within their company. 

Our illustrations, created in-house and within our platform, communicate the InVision mission in an effective and inspiring way for millions of designers, developers and stakeholders creating some of the world's most important digital products.

Meanwhile, the topics are intended to capture the needs, interests and trends of the product design industry. The Remote Work for Designers handbook was published just three weeks into the pandemic; written in house by InVision designers who know and understand the challenges and opportunities of remote work (InVision has been fully distributed since its founding). Meanwhile, the latest book, the Design Engineering handbook, covers the most nascent of all design roles—the hybrid role that sites between designers and engineers as the typical “handoff” becomes obsolete and teams, using software, can collaborate iteratively and constantly to eliminate wasteful cycles of work. 

There is no other publisher or brand that as capably and directly addresses the needs of current digital product designers working and rising through the ranks at large organizations, globally. 


The goals of our book series is to educate our industry on the themes and ideas that matter most to them now, while also giving InVision gated pieces of content to drive opportunities and software purchasing. Nearly every book is published alongside live content, such as a webinar with the authors and other experts (for example, a Forrester analyst), many of which are attended by hundreds if not thousands of registrants, yet again allowing us the opportunity to educate and inform customers and designers about the benefits of design and the way the industry is evolving. All told, the books have been downloaded thousands of times, influenced more than 1,000 opportunities and more than $2M in revenue for InVision. 


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