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Tele2: subscriber first social media

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Tele2 is the fastest growing operator in the world. The brand traditionally has a high level of Consideration among young people. However, since this audience has a significant importance for business, the competition for Gen Z attention is intensifying every year. 3 competitors with superior advertising budgets did not stand aside - and launched campaigns aimed at this audience. 


However, it’s not so easy to work with Gen Z - this is a completely new generation with its own unique mindset. They have completely different needs - and in order to get their attention brands should listen for their requests and play by their rules,


Zoomers don't need beautiful storytelling - they already know how to use Adblock and skillfully recognize when brands are flirting with them and pretending in order to be attractive. Only real deeds can earn their trust and respect. 

That’s why we decided to turn story-telling to story-doing. It’s time not only to talk about cool proposals and projects, but to bring them to life. 


So, Tele2 had an important goal - to protect its position in relation to the audience over competitors and to find such an approach to Gen Z that would make it truly fall in love with the brand.

Strategy and Execution

Tele2 launched a “Subscriber first” strategy:  we are committed to continuously improving all forms of communication with zoomers on our social media. But how to prove to them that Tele2 doesn’t only listen to their voices, but also make their wishes come true? 


It's simple - we find ideas from Gen Z followers on social networks and create projects that bring real benefit based on their needs. Strategy implementation touched upon several directions: 

  1. While Gen Z doesn't like phone calls, they love audio messaging. How to diversify their experience and enable voice messaging to communicate with the Tele2 support team and make their personal experience more interesting? Tele2 presented “GigaBeats” service: with the help of a special chat bot zoomers could record an audio message to the beats created by famous DJs. The project went viral - more than 14 million Reach, the conversion rate was above planned - 87%

  2. It's no secret that TikTok is popular among Gen Z. But, as usual, ready-made content does not always reflect real life. The audience knows perfectly that there is tons of work behind the cool video editing  - but  - how exactly is it done? We launched an #HonestContent  challenge - and showed what exactly happens behind the scenes of Tiktok's trends, revealing the entire process of filming content for Tele2. Bloggers supported the challenge, showing how they shoot content - and then zoomers joined themselves making the challenge go viral. As a result, the amount of Gen Z subscribers was increased  by 2.8% and high level of engagement was archieved - ER 12.8%

  3. Environmental pollution is one of the top problems that worries our audience. Zoomers want to reduce consumption, but at the same time they themselves constantly use mobile phones made from toxic materials. How to solve this problem? Tele2 launched a recycling program - the phone could be returned at any brand’s shop. In social media we offered users a game in social media where they could not only recycle the old phone, but also find out what metals from the phones will be recycled and what stuff they can turn into.

  4. Forming most standard social content, we respond to the requests of our audience - Tele2 keeps up to date with all new products in social networks - we share new memes, masks and filters!

  5. And even if our subscribers don’t have the possibility to visit cool offline events - Tele2 makes it possible to take a real part through their smartphones! During the Rosa fest ski festival we launched a contest on Instagram where our subscribers could evaluate the coolest skiing and snowboarding tricks and make a real influence on festival results. 


Despite the fact that brands on social media usually talk about their products, Tele2 managed to win the attention of Gen Z and their unconditional support: after all, the main thing that really matters to us is to create real things and bring them to life for our subscribers.


Thanks to the “Subscriber first social media” strategy, the following results were obtained: 


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