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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

(Re)Introducing Jake...from State Farm

Winner in Insurance

Finalist in Spokesperson

Audience Honor in Insurance


Our brand objective was to ultimately drive consideration of State Farm with non-customer Millennials (23-39) through top-of-mind awareness. The problem we faced was that Millennials saw State Farm as an old-fashioned brand for their parents, not for them.

To change perceptions, we reintroduced Jake from State Farm on social channels to do two things: 1) bridge relevant cultural moments for our Millennial target audience and 2) modernize State Farm by creating memorable, shareable content.


  1. Bridging cultural moments
  2. Modernize the brand


  1. Engagement & Buzz
  2. Memorability, Likability & Impact

Strategy and Execution

Throughout 2020, we used Jake’s own social channels to bridge culturally resonant moments and modernize the brand to gain awareness and consideration for our Millennial target audience. Reintroducing Jake, one of State Farm’s most distinct and memorable brand assets, in early 2020 uncovered a unique opportunity to differentiate Jake from other spokespeople through social channels. Instead of focusing on traditional insurance messaging of preparedness and protection (the focus of flagship social channels), Jake focuses on a culture-first storytelling approach. With a strong emphasis on social media engagement, we utilized Millennial trends, conversational themes, and social listening to inspire and inform Jake’s content strategy. This resulted in planned and real-time opportunities that our audience is passionate about, which allowed Jake to be positioned as a trusted friend or influencer rather than the face of a corporate brand.

Over the last year, Jake’s most engaging content has been tied to lifestyle moments — moments where he shares his unique perspective as well as an exclusive view into brand happenings. Performance of these posts reveal that audiences are more interested in unique behind-the-scenes content instead of simply repurposing broadcast commercial cuts or white-sweep photography. A cyclical process of always-on social listening, daily trend monitoring, and monthly performance analysis enables the Jake social team to quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunity areas in the moment to meet evolving platform benchmarks and behaviors.



  1. Bridging Cultural Moments


  1. Modernize the Brand


Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Marketing Arm, State Farm


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