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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

STAINMASTER® Doubled Brand Resonance-Related Engagement on Influencer Content

Finalist in Home & Decor


STAINMASTER® brand’s approach to influencer marketing is challenging, involving having floors and carpets installed in each influencer’s home. For this reason, every influencer commits to a minimum one-year partnership - no small investment for all parties involved. With the stakes this high, every piece of content produced needed to yield clear brand resonance signals with little room for error or experimentation.

To ensure influencers drive brand resonance while staying true to their creative styles, STAINMASTER started by selecting influencers who regularly garnered high engagement rates. As predicted, and as campaigns commenced, STAINMASTER activations indeed earned high engagement. Still, the brand was challenged by the anecdotal observation that much of the engagement from influencers’ audiences were focused on things other than STAINMASTER’s flooring.

STAINMASTER was challenged to:

  1. Find a more advanced and sustainable method of measuring the brand resonance signals through comment sentiment analysis.
  2. Help influencers translate their engagements (comments, likes, shares) to more overt flooring-related brand resonance engagements.

Strategy and Execution

STAINMASTER® brand, together with CreatorIQ’s Strategic Data Services Team, developed an analysis methodology focused on audience engagement and brand resonance sentiment of comments on influencers’ posts. This proprietary analysis focuses on the performance and categorization of comments at a significant scale, analyzing an average of 2.5k comments per month across Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Once the data has been aggregated and the brand-specific comments identified, analysts deduce whether the audience’s responses were positive or negative. More importantly, these methods reveal brand resonance-related statistics and brand affinity insights from audience engagement. The STAINMASTER team is then able to attribute their influencer campaigns to a more meaningful ROI. The breakdown:

The analysis also features data points on the top-performing captions and content styles yielding the highest percentage of brand-focused comments. The STAINMASTER team can then optimize future campaigns by offering creative direction to empower partner influencers to double-down on what is working best.

CreatorIQ’s Strategic Data Services Team also built STAINMASTER a dedicated, proprietary algorithm for ranking potential future partners’ competencies against STAINMASTER’S business needs - including brand resonance benchmarks established with the sentiment analysis. The innovation analyzed a creator’s historical, multivariate performance and scored them with a custom ranking to help the brand determine which creators best align with their brand resonance goal. The algorithm also benchmarked the brand’s core priorities, such as audience size, average comments by creator per their size, and majority age group, into its ranking validation. If a particular metric becomes a higher priority, a higher point value distribution can be allocated within the dynamic algorithm.

The historical data analyzed per creator for STAINMASTER ranking includes:

By assigning a point value to each specific metric, STAINMASTER can accurately rank any potential partner’s fit.


Since every influencer requires a significant investment (installing floors and an annual contract), STAINMASTER® brand needed the right partner and found that with CreatorIQ. With CreatorIQ’s strategic consulting, robust data set, and best-in-class technology, the brand supercharged its strategy’s data science and outcomes.

Year-to-date, STAINMASTER and CreatorIQ collected, analyzed, and categorized thousands of comments from a refined group of influencers. The analyses netted the brand with a 111% increase (2.1x) month-over-month growth of brand-specific social media comments.

Additionally, the data-driven insights strengthened their creative strategy towards building authentic content that continuously performs well and earns meaningful on-brand engagement. STAINMASTER’S newly adopted, scientific approach to influencer marketing allowed the brand to focus on what matters in a sea of noisy influencer and creative opportunities.

“We have always had a hunch that some of our influencers resonated with their followers better than others when it comes to brand resonance, but we could never quantify it. CreatorIQ not only helped us quantify these engagements, but they have provided strategic guidance on how to improve all of our influencer’s posts using these insights. This is the first time we have accurately measured influencer engagement in a more meaningful way.”


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CreatorIQ Strategic Data Services Team, STAINMASTER®


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