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Greta Thunberg. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Joshua Wong. Ilwad Elman. Kennedy Odede. Nawaal Akram.

What do all these people have in common? They are young, they are hopeful, they are driven and they are #SolvingIt. 

#SolvingIt is a weekly Instagram series that highlights young activists, artists, changemakers and innovators who are taking action in their communities, and globally, to help solve some of the world’s most intractable problems. #SolvingIt focuses primarily on the work of young people—many of whom are from the Global South—whose voices are too often ignored or underrepresented. The series also sheds light on the work of leaders who are working to advance human rights, social justice, and equality for all. Whether it’s climate change, gender equality, or technological advancement, #SolvingIt aims to shine a light on the next generation of changemakers whose vision and work inspire hope—and real change.


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#SolvingIt is a true team effort—and the team is growing. We commissioned bespoke portraits of #SolvingIt changemakers from a diverse roster of artists, many of whom are women of color. While all portraits bear consistent branding marks and title formats, each artist is encouraged to provide their own interpretation for each #SolvingIt portrait.

#SolvingIt illustrations are published weekly together with a long, contextual caption that delves into the changemaker’s work, life, aspirations and accomplishments

Each #SolvingIt post is also paired with a powerful quote that sheds light on the featured person’s work, in their own words. To maximize organic reach, posts include tags to the profile pages of the changemaker. Additionally, the posts also have a vertical version optimized for Instagram/Facebook stories that are published in tandem with the in-feed portrait. Every Instagram Story is then added and archived as a new chapter in our #SolvingIt Instagram Highlight.   



Each week, and with each changemaker, #SolvingIt brings a pressing issue to light—microplastics in Bali, child marriage in India, pipeline politics on Native American lands—but it also focuses on the people who are taking action to solve those problems. The success of the project can be seen in the engagement generated by our community around each post through thousands of organic shares (sometimes by the changemaker themself), likes and comments. In this way, #SolvingIt not only brings greater awareness to these issues, but it also highlights the featured person’s work and passion. We have also partnered with organizations like the United Nations, Save The Children, and World Enabled to identify and celebrate a broader and often overlooked community of changemakers. Beyond this we also ask our audience to nominate new people to be honored in our #SolvingIt series—the next generation of local heroes, mentors, and innovators whose work deserves a moment in the spotlight. 



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