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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Launching Moonbase 8

Entered in Instagram


At its core, Moonbase 8 is a workplace comedy with a twist that our characters aren’t aware of. To them, this isn’t a joke. Space is serious work.

Our Mission: Launch an in-world Instagram that takes this work as seriously as our characters to generate buzz amongst SHOWTIME subscribers and industry tastemakers while cultivating a highly-engaged fandom appreciative of our authentic content.

Strategy and Execution

Moon or bust! 

We embarked on our mission to build the “Moonbase crew” (aka our fans), immersing them deeper into the story each week with ancillary content experiences and a seriously-funny social voice.  

We launched @Moonbase8 as any base would: by recruiting fans (and press) to join the crew with a custom “Moonbase 8 Wants YOU” recruitment video and key-art-inspired posters.

Immediately following the series’ premiere, we surprised and delighted early recruits who completed an interactive Instagram story with actual moon deeds resulting in influencer recognition and user-generated content. 

Week over week, the in-world account documented the crew's absurd antics with a straight face. We made the mundane memorable with our authentic creative that dove deeper into fan-favorite storylines and tested fans’ moon skills with interactive Instagram stories.


In the end, we confidently announced “Mission Accomplished.” Our immersive Moonbase 8 social campaign successfully drove consistent buzz amongst talent and industry tastemakers while fostering a highly-engaged “crew” of fans and capturing press attention:

Developing a unique extension of the world and story built in Moonbase 8 created a place for a small, but mighty contingent of viewers to continue to connect with the series long after the episodes ended.


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