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Self questioning technology

Finalist in Branded Podcast


Technology is more and more present in our everyday lives. It can be dangerous or it can be very helpful and provide great benefits for people if used consciously. VIVO, the largest telecom in Brazil, as a leader was the only and perfect player to begin a huge conversation about it and help design the future of technology instead of a passive place in history.


We’ve started a really audacious project. A podcast to talk not only about products, services or VIVO itself. But a podcast called “Dialoguing” to encourage the open dialogue on the market and the conscious use of technology. Experts and brave influencers were invited. We established partnerships with the greatest Brazilian institutions at the subject like Google and Safernet. All topics were based on the most searched themes by people in Brazil. Resulting in a candid and transparent conversation about much important themes like Cyberbullying, Fake News, Mental Illness, FOMO, Parental Mediation, Inclusion, Fraud and Infodemic. A matter that competitors doesn’t dare to talk about, but that we understood that is so important to our clients, actually for all people: how to create a safe environment for the use of Internet and technology.


Podcasts in Brazil are in their very beginning, a new market with a small audience, yet we have been streamed over 5500 times, with 21 episodes, creating a regular program that people look forward the next episode. And, most of all, we began a dialogue like no other company in Brazil has made before, an open and bold discussion that can and must change our market for the better.


Video for Self questioning technology

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Cappuccino Digital, VIVO


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