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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

PNC Bank MoneySelf Quiz

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PNC’s Wealth Management team wanted to engage an elusive group of investors ($1-$3 Million in investable assets) who don’t see themselves as needing wealth advisory services.

Strategy and Execution

Our research showed that high-net-worth individuals don’t respond to your typical wealth advisory marketing, so we set out to talk to them in a way that felt far from the norm. We created The Money-Self, a digital experience that asks users to make a series of quick decisions based on either/or statements. Each decision is mapped back to an investment strategy that helped us build the user’s Money-Self persona. At the end of the experience, users are presented with their Money-Self investing persona, along with a beautifully illustrated, animated version of an animal representing that persona, a summary of how that persona ties back to wealth investing strategies, and an invitation to connect with a PNC Wealth Advisor.

Our graphics were at the heart of the success of this campaign. Instead of typical wealth management imagery of golf courses, piers and boats, our audience was presented with majestic animal illustrations representing their investing personas. To make these illustrations even more compelling, we animated them and then rendered them in 3D, allowing users to control the movement of the animals using their touchscreen mobile device. The result was a breakthrough experience that felt unlike any other wealth management marketing our audience had ever received.


Within days of our launch, the Facebook video promoting the experience had more reactions, shares and comments than normally seen from this audience. And while this audience rarely engages with or comments on sponsored content on social media, they were engaging with the experience, completing the questions, and sharing their Money-Self results all over Facebook and Instagram. Over 85% of this audience that started the experience went all the way through to discover their Money-Self personality. 


Video for PNC Bank MoneySelf Quiz

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