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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

MTV's Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Entered in Twitter Presence


The Official Jersey Shore Twitter was created to expand our IP to a platform where it hadn’t been during the original airing of the series in the early 2000’s. We knew that Twitter was a key platform to help cultivate our online fanbase, especially with how active our cast is on the platform and with how much of a social conversation driver the show’s return was sure to be.


Strategy and Execution

The Official Jersey Shore Twitter came about October 2017 in the lead up to the launch of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, opening up our content to a platform and a fanbase that did not exist in the early days of the series. Through this account, we live-tweet every linear airing of the series, engage with show talent, respond to fans, help push series-related trending topics, promote show-related content and even engage with our haters. We knew that the brand voice of the series on Twitter could not be overly promotional and stale, so we crafted a social tone of voice that feels like the account is one of the shoremates themselves. We poke fun at our talent, get in on all of the viral trends and memes and present ourselves as the ultimate expert on the series. We also leverage our Twitter for social stunts (including a “family photo generator” stunt to promote Season 4’s launch) and giveaways. Additionally, we’re constantly testing out Twitter’s newest features -- from Twitter voice notes teasing that a new season would be coming soon, to fleets, to event pages for live tweeting. Through this balanced mix of content, we have crafted a brand presence on Twitter that feels more like your best friend than a corporation.


Although our Twitter following of 180K may seem small, our followers are truly mighty. We were up by 83% in overall tweets for the recent S4 premiere, solidifying that our fans are constantly hungry for more show content and that they love to engage with us during premieres. Our memes on the platform have gone viral and made it into press articles numerous times. Show talent knows that they can engage with our account and receive a response, whereas other series pages do not actively reply to their talent or their fans. Overall, our Twitter is the number one place for Jersey Shore fans to go to for new content, fun memes, cheeky copy and the ultimate Jersey Shore Family Vacation experience.


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