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Special Project

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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

MTV's Jersey Shore TikTok

Entered in TikTok Presence

About this entry

The Official Jersey Shore TikTok account was created to expand the presence of our IP on social media and increase views and engagement for our show content on a popular new platform. Additionally, we wanted to bring Jersey Shore to the younger audience on TikTok’s platform to help usher in a whole new generation of Jersey Shore fans.


Why does this entry deserve to win?

The Jersey Shore TikTok uses a mix of show footage and talent-driven content to play into key themes and trends on the app. Short scene lifts from both the original Jersey Shore series as well as Jersey Shore Family Vacation are the most popular type of content on our account, allowing other fans and users to recreate the iconic scenes with our original audio. We've played into viral trends with layering popular sounds over show footage and have even recorded the cast themselves for TikToks that feel natural on the platform. We have also partnered with TikTok creators whose audiences naturally overlap with ours to create custom content and bridge our fandoms.



The Jersey Shore TikTok account has exceeded our expectations for engagement and view count. We've garnered over 7.7M likes across all of our posts and have over 808K followers. Our most popular TikToks have over 2.4M views, and our videos average about 500K views per post. Fans recreate scenes from the show using our original audio on a consistent basis, allowing our content to travel to the For You Page of millions of users. Our content is best in class and has allowed our IP to expand to a new generation of Jersey Shore fans.


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