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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Mini-Mocks: Finger Parkour

Finalist in Facebook Video


Mini-Mocks has been one of our most consistent drivers of views, watch time and generating engagement across platforms, but especially on Facebook. These video was made to drive views, watch time and increase brand affinity and awareness. In Finger Parkour we knew we would be able to start the week of content featuring YouTube comedian Cherdleys with a bang, setting up the subsequent videos for success with a great first piece of content.

Strategy and Execution

By bringing in YouTube influencer Cherdleys we knew we could bring him to our audience and bring our audience to his work. We know our millennial/gen x skewing audience on Facebook would connect with the Xtreme sports angle of this video. As is always the case with this series we brainstormed concepts that would have snappy scroll stopping visuals. We knew thehe delightful visual of a full outfitted hand pulling off "stunts" would grab anyone and everyone.


This video was a smash hit and one that kept delivering views on multiple reposts over the 2020 calendar year. Released in the first week of quarantine (at least for us) it was a nice reprieve from the dark news and has delivered 6.6 million views on Facebook alone to date.


Video for Mini-Mocks: Finger Parkour

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Comedy Central Digital