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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Let's Target

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With Let's Target, we set out to create an attention-grabbing, YouTube-native series featuring both traditional and internet celebrities who get to know each other from the comfort of their own homes. With distinct activities and themes guiding each episode, we offered viewers a unique (and uplifting) glimpse into the lives of some of their favorite personalities.

Strategy and Execution

In 2019, Target created its first 6-episode YouTube series, Let’s Target, pairing interesting people across different entertainment verticals to meet and get to know one another, making Target (and a #TargetRun) the cultural backdrop to a uniquely ownable talk show experience. This was one of Target’s first forays into “retail-tainment” video content. We believe a large part of our success was due to our unexpected pairings.

Our intent with the second season was to drive love and cultural relevance for our brand with native, timely and entertaining content to increase engagement and shopping interest with our YouTube growth audience. Our inpsiration for the series was casual + candid talk shows – where both the host and the guest share interesting stories and perspectives, providing a peek behind the curtain of their “real,” authentic selves. This series heralded Target’s evolving and expanding presence on YouTube.

Like season 1, we paired a more traditional “celebrity” with a creator for a candid experience with Target as the cultural connector. Since a traditional “Target Run” was not feasible, our talent instead were pushed to try something new together - while apart - showcasing our social-famous shipping boxes and curated products enabling a pandemic-friendly activity. 

How we built off our intent: 


During a tough year for all, we were able to give viewers something to smile about. Let’s Target was entertaining, funny, thoughtful and heartfelt, giving us all a break from the hard parts of 2020. The series was a hit with viewers, driving an 81% like rate (11% above the channel average), as well as impressive connectivity between episodes, with a 6% end card CTR rate. Viewers were invested in the series, and were eager to watch another episode! 

Views - 4.3M
Impressions - 4.1M
Comments - 51K
Like Rate - 81%



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